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Getting fired is difficult. But being fired – or wrongfully terminated – because of discrimination or a violation of public policy is even more difficult. Unless you’re your own boss, you’ll never be safe from losing your job, even if you believe you’re the most qualified among your co-workers. Being wrongfully terminated is similar to contracting a disease that puts a strain on your body and life. Not to mention the fact that you are completely unaware of its presence.

However, there is an antidote to wrongful termination i.e., building a case to file a wrongful termination suit and win a substantial settlement. In most cases, though, you would need the assistance of a professional and experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney who can determine whether or not you were wrongfully terminated.

What Is “Employment-at-Will”? 

Employment in Los Angeles is “at-will.” In general, this means that the employer has the right to terminate you for any reason, even if it is unjustified, with no warning or opportunity to defend yourself.

If your employment is “at-will,” you still have the rights to be protected from wrongful termination that is against the law. This includes discrimination against people based on their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, and other protected characteristics. Consult a wrongful termination lawyer to assist you if you have points or causes to suspect your employer terminated you unfairly. Lawyer collaborates firmly with their clients in order to keep employers liable for the harm they have caused. The wrongful termination may have resulted in a loss of income as well as emotional distress.

Signs you were wrongfully terminated

When an employer terminates an employee for the following reasons, it is considered to be wrongfully terminated.

Apart from the above wrongful termination if you believe any of the following happened during your job in Los Angeles, you might also be entitled to a wrongful termination settlement:

  1. • The employer has violated the terms of the employee’s employment contract or collective bargaining agreement;
  2. • Termination to stop paying wages or bonuses
  3. • Termination after taking time off for maternity leave, caring for a sick or disabled family member, serving on a jury, or voting;
  4. • Terminating employees who refuse to conduct illegal activities for the employer
  5. • Retaliating against whistleblowers (employees who reveal illegal activity in the workplace or disclose financial fraud).

If you believe you were wrongfully terminated for one of the reasons mentioned above, don’t hesitate to hire a wrongful termination lawyer to gather facts, interview witnesses, and file a litigation case on your behalf.

When to consult or hire a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles?

Consult or hire a lawyer if you recently lost your job due to suspicious circumstances, such as your employer knowing of your religion, sexuality, marital status, race, disability, or pregnancy, or if you were harassed or discriminated against at work.

In these cases, a wrongful termination lawsuit will be able to get you your work back, as well as benefits such as back pay, interest payments, and punitive damages to compensate for lost income. If you have to hire an attorney to represent you, you might be eligible for a monetary award to cover your legal costs. A wrongful termination is a serious act that no employee should be subjected to. Engage the services of a lawyer to assist you in your struggle.

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