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Personal Injury & Civil Rights Attorney Fresno


The amount of personal injury claims, employment violation, and civil rights violations are significantly on the rise.  If you believe you are the victim of any personal injury, employment claim, or civil rights violations, it is imperative to hire an attorney that focuses in these areas to help you recover and get the compensation you deserve.

In Fresno, Kirakosian law APC is has become one of the trusted firms where our clients have been helped recover damages and get the compensation and justice they deserve. With extensive experience in personal injury, employment, and civil rights, we can help you through the difficult and complex process of bringing a claim for damages. We safeguard our injured clients from insurance companies that go to great lengths to pay you the least amount of compensation possible.

Kirakosian Law focuses their practice on the follow types of injury cases:

Our personal injury, employment, and civil rights lawyers will be there for you, and they will follow specific guidelines, which are vital, and our attorneys will abide by them during a particular case. Our attorneys will fully investigate your case and help you until we obtain a full recovery on your behalf.

Benefits of hiring our professional lawyers-

  • When you hire our lawyers, they will help you in claiming and recovering the compensation you deserve.
  • We possess the knowledge and understands to know exactly what compensation you deserve and obtain nothing less.
  • Full support- When you come to us with your problems, our attorneys will offer you full support emotionally and in court.

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