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Malicious prosecution against police and other government officials is a sad reality that we have to cope with. Civil rights protections are one of the bedrocks of our democracy. Our practice is passionate about protecting the American people’s rights to equality regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation. Our firm represents people who have had their rights and even their dignity stripped from them by police officials, elected officials, large corporations and others. Take for instance Lyle Spruill who we recently won a $500,000 settlement for after he was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. And afterward, was subject to malicious prosecution by the very people who swore an oath to protect him. The case first hit the public eye around August when the Los Angeles Times published an article questioning the trust police officials get by default.

Kirakosian Law Wins Settlement for Lyle Spruill

Lyle Spruill was arrested December 2020 after being charged with attempted murder of a police officer. As the article states, 6 different sheriff’s deputies all reported that they heard a gunshot as they chased a man. One even gave eye witness testimony saying he saw a gun as they followed in pursuit. No gun was ever found, and Lyle Spruill spent six months in jail dealing with the aftermath of what would be a crime against him.

If you’re searching for answers regarding your civil rights or more information concerning malicious prosecution then it is like that you or someone you know may have been a victim. The question is: do I or they have a case? Some key points to consider:

  • It’s common but its often underreported
  • A no commitment call with an attorney will give you the answers you need in a few minutes
  • If you feel your civil rights have been trespassed against – then you should talk to a lawyer


We also stand up to government entities when there’s evidence of misconduct by our civic leaders and members of law enforcement. We have no problem taking cases to federal court. Many people ask themselves, “Can I sue for malicious prosecution?” The answer is absolutely. The first thing we do is we see if you have a case. And if you do, that’s when we prepare you for what’s to come. The best part is it provides literally no risk to you, as a client, as there are no fees unless you win.

Excessive force and police misconduct are a growing concern in our society. Our firm actively pursues cases involving improper conduct, false arrests, unjustified shootings and other abuses of power. Simply look up Kirakosian Law and Police Brutality on Google and you’ll see how much we’ve done for our neighbors in need of legal representation. Greg Kirakosian is more than a police brutality lawyer. And malicious prosecution against the police is just one of the things that many people face on a weekly basis. Our work revolves around the truth and justice – no matter who it is against.

Tip: Malicious Prosection isn’t a joke! See what we did for Lyle Spruill by clicking here

If we can’t reach an appropriate settlement through mediation, we are fully prepared to take civil cases to trial. Mr. Kirakosian in fact was victorious in Los Angeles Federal Court, obtaining a large verdict for a man who sued the Los Angeles Police Department for violating his constitutional rights and for malicious prosecution by an on-duty LAPD detective.


We handle civil rights cases, including:

  • Police misconduct / Police Brutality
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Wrongful arrest

If you or someone you know has suffered emotional distress or injury due to a civil rights violation, contact our attorney at Kirakosian Law APC for a free consultation.

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