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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

It is scary and bewildering when you get into a multi-vehicle accident, where several people may be at fault for your injuries. In most cases, the driver who initially caused the accident through negligent behavior is liable for every affected driver’s damages. Any at-fault driver is obligated to pay for the damages they caused in a car crash. That is because California is an at-fault state, which means that the person liable for your wounds will be responsible for compensating you. To prove who is at fault, you will need the help of a lawyer who is experienced in investigating car accidents. You can work with a law firm to bring the other driver to justice. After you were injured in a car accident in California, you can seek a settlement to cover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Contact Kirakosian Law today for a free consultation.

What Steps to Take in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

The original driver who caused your collision is the one who is at fault for your damages. This is typically the case for accidents with three or more vehicles.

How Do Multi-Vehicle Accidents Happen?

When other drivers aren’t following traffic laws or distracted, they can cause a multi-car collision. Cars that are too close in proximity to one another collide the easiest. The person who caused the multi-car accident could be someone not using their signals or brake lights. They probably were tailgating, speeding, texting, or driving recklessly. Sometimes it is the city’s fault, where traffic signs were not correctly installed, or there were road obstacles that caused drivers to crash into one another.

How Can My Attorney Prove a Who is Liable In a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Your attorney can use many forms of evidence to prove who is at fault. This isn’t limited to property damage alone.

Traffic Violation Records

If the other driver is known for driving carelessly, this can help provide additional evidence towards your settlement. Your car accident attorney can request that the other driver provide traffic violation records to show if they have a history of poor driving.

Black Box Information

Most cars have a black box that provides electronic data on how a car is performing. This information shows the speed of the car, when the driver braked, and other useful evidence. If the driver was speeding or didn’t brake at all, your attorney can build a case around this concrete evidence.

Traffic Camera Video Footage

You may be fortunate to have been around traffic cameras, especially when you were at a popular busy intersection. Your lawyer can request this information and scrutinize the video evidence. This can show who initially caused the accident.

Cellphone History

Attorneys can subpoena the other party to demand evidence from their cellphone providers. For example, if the other driver was texting or driving, their cellphone history would reveal it. This can prove that they were negligent and distracted while driving.

Drug Test

When drivers are under the influence, they make mistakes that can cause others their lives. In California, 10,497 people were killed due to a drunk driver. A police officer can request a drug test by demanding blood, urine, or breath analyzer tests.

How Can I Collect Evidence to Show My Attorney?

After you were in a multi-vehicle accident, you should start gathering information about your damages.

Scene Evidence

You should take pictures of your car and all the other cars involved in the accident. Take photos of the area and where the car accident happened.


If anyone happened to see the accident, try to get their information so that they can provide a statement for you.

Police Report

It can help when you wait until the police show up at the car accident scene. This is because you will get the chance to say your side of the story for the official records.

Medical Treatment

Get medical help so that you can recover from your wounds. The doctor can tell you how severe your wounds are.

Get Help With Your Multi-Vehicle Accident

Once you’ve been in a multi-vehicle accident, you will need a supportive attorney to help prove your case. You are owed compensation for your damages to help you recover from financial loss. An attorney can represent your case to the other parties and put pressure on them to settle. If they disagree with your claim, you can then file a lawsuit. Your attorney is talented in communications and can display your evidence before the jury. To get started, you can contact Kirakosian Law for a free consultation. Multi-Vehicle Accidents | Kirakosian Law Get representation for your multi-vehicle accident and get the compensation you deserve. An attorney can help. Call Kirakosian Law for a consultation.

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