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Probable cause and your rights

Driving home late after work one evening in California, an officer pulls you over for having a tail light out. After approaching your vehicle and asking you preliminary questions, the officer asks to search your vehicle. You worry that the officer may find traces or marijuana or an empty beer can if you consent to the search, but you also worry that refusing to consent will make the officer believe you have something to hide.

Perhaps after a long day, you accidentally take a wrong turn down a dead end in your neighborhood. You attempt to quickly turn around, but an officer watches you and pulls you over to question you. Upon lowering your window, the officer notices a strong smell of marijuana in the car, and the officer arrests you and charges you for driving under the influence of drugs.

The safety concerns connected to stretch limos

There are many for-hire vehicle options here in the Los Angeles area. One such option that people sometimes chose in connection to parties, celebrations or other special events is a stretch limo. However, there are some safety concerns that come up in relation to such vehicles.

Accidents involving such limos can have devastating results. This is underscored by a tragedy that recently got a lot of coverage nationally. This was a stretch limo crash in New York that led to 20 deaths.



New Driver Cell Phone Law

California Vehicle Code Section 23123.5

Our firm recently settled a claim on behalf of an auto accident victim in which the opposing party was using her cell phone while driving. When asked at the scene about driving with her cell phone in hand, she professed that she was not texting or talking but was, instead, "just using my Google Maps." While using a GPS in hand used to be legal, it is now officially illegal!

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