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Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are hazardous because they can cause multiple impacts between your body and different parts of the vehicle. Airborne debris also helps in aggravating the injuries. It is not uncommon for the person inside the car to suffer severe neck and spinal injuries due to the car’s rolling. It is also common to have broken bones and internal injuries in this type of accident. If a rollover accident caused you any injuries, getting legal representation should be at the top of your list. The law offices of Kirakosian Law APC are ready to listen to your case and provide you with the best pathway to recover the damages you need.

Most Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

During a rollover accident, a vehicle goes out of control, swerves on its front or side, and keeps rolling. In many cases, other drivers are responsible for causing these types of accidents. Among the most common scenarios that may lead to a rollover accident you may find:

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving, whether caused by road rage or impatience, may lead some drivers to engage in unsafe driving practices. They include switching lanes erratically, sudden braking maneuvers, or tailgating. As a result, anyone driving next to them is in danger of a rollover accident.

Distracted Driving

A driver distracted by texting, eating, or applying makeup may veer into other lanes, clip cars next to theirs, or cause other drives to swerve suddenly.


Drivers who are in a rush to get to their destination may end up cutting off other drivers, hitting them, and creating a rollover accident.

Consequences of a Rollover

Usually, vehicles in a rollover cause a wide variety of injuries— or even death— to their drivers and passengers. The most common injuries are:

Broken bones – The impact of a rollover can result in a multitude of broken bones. You may have broken bones in your arms, legs, and ribs. And a broken bone might puncture the skin and cut into an artery or the lungs.

Internal bleeding – The force of the crash can cause severe trauma to interior organs that can, in turn, bleed into the abdomen. Not identifying these injuries on time may lead to death.

Spinal injuries – It is not uncommon for the spinal cord to suffer an injury during this type of crash. The spine may compress, and discs get damaged, all of which may require serious and prolonged medical attention.

Traumatic brain injury – The jolting effect on the brain when the wheels stop moving but the car continues forward, putting drivers at high risk of hitting their heads on side posts, the steering wheel, or any other part of the car. The result can be serious brain injury and a lifetime of dependence on medical treatments and even help with daily activities.

Get the Legal Help You Need Now

The accident injury attorneys at the Kirakosian Law APC have dealt with many victims of rollover accidents. They have seen first-hand the severe consequences of such accidents and have worked tirelessly to recover the damages that these victims deserve. Therefore, when you consult with our team, you will be treated with compassion and respect. We will help you every step of the way to fight for your rights and for the compensation that you deserve.

Kirakosian Law APC has the lawyer to help you with never-ending medical bills, lost wages, anxiety, and depression. We will gather all the necessary evidence to build a strong case, bring in expert witnesses when needed, and always fight on your behalf. We work on a contingency basis, so there are no out-of-pocket costs to you. So give us a call today.


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