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T Bone Car accident

Side Impact Crashes

Car accidents are dangerous and have caused a total of 57% of motor vehicle passenger deaths in 2019 alone. Around 23% of these accidents were caused by side-impact crashes. When you get into a horrifying side-impact crash, you should seek legal help. This is because you deserve compensation for the damages you received after a car crash that you are not at fault for. A car crash attorney can prove that the other driver was negligent and help you obtain a settlement. You may be struggling with your recovery from your side-impact crash and unsure what steps to take next. Next, you should seek a settlement for your damages, as the other driver is responsible for your injuries. Contact Kirakosian Law to get a free consultation.

What Steps Do I Take in a Side-Impact Crash?

Drivers sometimes make mistakes, but when they result in fatal accidents, they are liable for the damages they caused. Your attorney can inform you on how the settlement process works.

How Are Side Impact Crashes Caused?

Side impact crashes happen when one car slams into the other, crushing the passenger side door and the compartment holding the driver and other occupants. This can also cause T-bone or side-swipe crashes. Many of these accidents happen because the other driver is distracted and not paying attention to the road. However, in many cases, the driver is simply fatigued or tired, significantly reducing their ability to maneuver a vehicle. Other reasons are driving under the influence and bad weather. When a driver is drunk or abusing drugs, they are not making good decisions, resulting in aggressive or impaired driving. Bad weather, such as rain, snow, ice, fog, and sleet, can cause drivers to lose control of their cars where they cannot stop their vehicles.

What Injuries Happen in Side-Impact Car Crashes?

Side impact car crashes usually result in an accident that causes trauma to the brain, neck, back, and spine. Here are some of the most common forms of injuries after a side-impact car crash:


This forceful movement of the neck happens when the entire vehicle moves at such a high velocity that you are thrown forward, then snap back when the car suddenly stops. This puts pressure on the bones in your neck, creating strain and tension in your muscles and ligaments. As a result, you can have a stiff neck that makes it difficult to move your head, and you may feel an aching pain for several weeks.


This is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when the brain tissue becomes bruised or torn. The brain cells in the damaged area may be unable to properly function, and you can feel dizziness, vertigo, and blurred vision. In extreme circumstances, you may have a loss of body coordination, epilepsy, and chronic pain. Temporary to permanent disabilities can include diminished comprehension, attention disorders, memory loss, and more. This severe form of injury has to be frequently monitored by medical staff.

Chest Injuries

In car accidents, you may be hit by the airbag, the steering wheel, or loose objects in the car. If you were not wearing a seat belt, you could be thrown through the front windshield. Chest injuries happen when something heavy impacts the chest area, which can crack ribs and sometimes puncture lungs or other organs.

Limb Injuries

Side-impact car crashes can cause the passenger compartment to get crushed. This can bruise and harm limbs, fingers, or toes that get caught in between surfaces. Flying glass can also result in arms or legs getting cut wounds.

How Your Attorney Can Prove Who Is At Fault for Your Side Impact Car Accident

After you experienced a dreadful side-impact crash, you need an attorney to prove who was at fault. This can be difficult to show if you were side-swiped. However, a T-bone accident is easier to show, especially if you were following traffic rules. Your attorney can:
  • Demand cellphone record history
  • Use the traffic violation background of the other driver
  • Request black box car data from the other driver
  • Use traffic camera footage
  • Show pictures of car wreckage
  • Get a police report
With this information, your lawyer can approach the other parties to obtain a settlement from them. The other party’s insurance company cannot deny evidence that their driver is responsible for your damages.

Learn More About Proving Side Impact Crashes

When you get into a side-impact crash, it will be challenging to prove who is at fault. A reliable law firm can vastly improve your chances of getting compensation. Call Kirakosian Law today for a free consultation. Side Impact Crashes   | Kirakosian Law Get a settlement for the side-impact crash you experienced. You are due compensation for your injuries. Contact Kirakosian Law for a free consultation.

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