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Calabasas Car Accident Lawyer

Calabasas personal injury lawyer Greg Kirakosian knows how important and urgent it can be to find the help you need following a car accident or injury. In fact, here are a few tips on how to do exactly that. 

A good Calabasas car accident attorney will tell you that while statistics vary year to year and city by city – things are not getting better. In fact, a recent news article by ABC 7 found in its research that pedestrian injuries and fatalities increased by over 70 percent in 2018 alone. Car accidents do not always mean car to car as the data shows. 

Why is this important? Insurance companies, as is understandable through the viewpoint of a business, want to pay as little as possible. They will meet their legal obligations, sometimes, as minimally as possible. Imagine that you get into a car accident or suffer a personal injury on a business property in Calabasas. However, the X-ray shows nothing. You may get a settlement of some sort or medical bills covered. But, 6 months later, you feel a lingering pain. Often, injuries aren’t immediate. Often, X-rays do not show the whole picture. A good personal injury attorney will fight to ensure that your health and well-being are properly compensated. 

The best part? It comes at zero risk to you. Many times, as is the case with Kirakosian Law, you do not pay if we do not win. 

Here’s a great article explaining why you need a lawyer after a car accident. 

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