There is a thin line which an employee has to maintain for setting a good impression in the company. From reporting on time, managing work to sometimes working overtime to meet deadlines, and execute projects, a lot comes under one’s job. But, what goes unseen is the hesitation an employee has when there is inadequate wage in terms of work delivered. This is when Wage & Hour disputes arise. Here is when you need an Employment Law Attorney to help you fight back for your rights and get what you deserve.

Kirakosian Law Firm has been helping employees ardently by providing justice for Wage & Hour Disputes. The issue of working overtime in the United States is not new, and slowly many problems have cropped up. The exploitation of the employee in terms of getting work at any cost, irrespective of the employee working schedule is creating issues. An employee feels constricted where he or she cannot express the work burden they are feeling on their shoulders and instead are adhering to what their bosses are telling them to do.

Those employees who retaliate often fear to lose their designation, getting demoted, and in the worst-case scenario, are afraid of losing their job.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) clearly demarcates the minimum wage guideline and explains “time and a half” overtime pay, which every employer has to pay to the employee. Despite the FLSA ruling, employees are continued to get exploited.

Who should we blame for this lapse?

Now and then, we hear about a lawsuit against a well-reputed company where there is an issue for not paying adequately for overtime or increment issues. Why it suddenly brews?

When employees do not retaliate against injustice, they will end up suffering the loss. It is in your right to fight and get what you deserve. If you are working overtime, you should get your dues. More than the one exploiting, the one who suffers is at fault because you are choosing to stay quiet about your situation.

Before joining a company, there is an agreement that you will sign, a contract that is confidential to both the employer and the employee. There are terms in the contract on how much or what an employee will get as compensation for working overtime. Usually, an employee should get more than the working hourly rate if he or she is working after office hours. Some companies pay by compensating for a free holiday whereas others choose to pay the hourly rate.

If you are getting none in return then, you get the help of Labor Attorney. The rights which fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) will make the employee eligible to file for the report. You must know your rights and get rid of the fear of the boss. Your unawareness of what comes under your legal rights can make you pay heavily for something that is not even your fault. Know your rights and get the legal help before it gets too late.

For those who asked their employer to pay for the dues but got fired instead, don’t worry as our Wrongful Termination Lawyer will make sure you get your job back and get compensation for the loss you inherited.

Kirakosian Law Firm has a team of excellent and experienced lawyers that take every client’s case with utmost sincerity. If something comes on our tables, we make sure that it gets the right judgment.

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