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Did you know that being falsely arrested is a violation of your civil rights? If you believe you were wrongfully arrested,  you can hire a wrongful arrest attorney to defend those rights.  

Many innocent people become victimized by wrongful arrests. Police officers are not the only ones who can wrongfully arrest you; a private individual, for instance, a security guard can also commit the crime of wrongful arrest.

Let’s dig in and find out everything a citizen must know about saving their civil rights!

Wrongful Arrest: An Abuse of Power

Under the Fourth & Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, all people in Los Angeles are protected from unreasonable seizures. 

A false arrest occurs when an authoritative person takes you into custody or illegally holds you against your consent. Simply put, a police officer has no authority to arrest anyone without any valid reason or evidence against the arrestee for committing a crime.

Basically, wrongful arrest includes:

On that note, let’s move forward to address the question of the day.

What Can You Do to Fight Against a Wrongful Arrest in Los Angeles?

No matter  the reason, if violations of your fundamental rights occur, responsible parties must be held liable, and victims must be compensated. You have every right to fight against false arrest. Moreover, this false arrest can also result in emotional trauma, which can disrupt the natural course of life for any individual. Hence, it is best to nip the evil in the bud, and free yourself from all the false charges as soon as the violation of your rights occur. 

If you or someone you know has experienced a violation of rights by a law enforcement entity, hire a wrongful arrest Attorney. It might feel like justice is out of reach, but such is not the case.

The government has a wide range of resources to make the case against the responsible ones

Contact Kirakosian Law APC to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer our services for the citizens of Los Angeles who go through a wrongful arrest and need support to pick up the pieces.

If you hand over your case to us, you won’t be required to pay a penny upfront unless we resolve your case successfully. You do have the privilege to fight back, and our wrongful arrest Attorneys are devoted to helping you do it.

However, the question arises:

How Would You Recognize if Your Arrest was Wrongful?

If you believe the police who took you into custody lacked probable cause, the authoritative person involved is unlikely to ever voluntarily admit that they tried to set you up or committed a mistake. 

But a wrongful arrest Attorney can help you navigate the situation and find out if your rights were violated by any chance. If that will be the case, they will start further investigations. 

Don’t take a violation of your fundamental rights lying down. If you have suffered the personal trauma and indignity of a wrongful arrest, civil rights attorneys at Kirakosian Law will represent you determinedly and with compassion against the law enforcement officer and agency who breached your civil rights.

How to Hire an Experienced Wrongful Arrest Attorney in Los Angeles?

Our attorneys at Kirakosian Law APC in Los Angeles realize how devastating it can be to face criminal charges, particularly if you were the victim of a false arrest. We are dedicated to defending your civil rights and ensuring you are given every opportunity to protect yourself against these illegal charges. 

Contact our proficient wrongful arrest Attorneys at Kirakosian Law Los Angeles to schedule a consultation by calling at 213-444-2908. It is the best way to find out how you will be able to get your charges abridged to a lesser offense or avoid a felonious conviction altogether.

The sooner you get in touch with Kirakosian Law APC, the sooner we can provide help fighting for monetary compensation for your lost wages, emotional anguish, and other impacts of your false arrest. 

*These blogs are meant purely for educational purposes. They contain only general information about legal matters. They are not legal advice, and should not be treated as such. If you have any specific questions about any legal matter you should consult with an attorney. 


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