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A personal injury case in any case in which someone sustained a physical injury as result of the intentional, negligence, careless, or wrongful conduct of another person or company. Naturally, there are common themes in personal injury cases and every person should be aware of basic information before proceeding to any legal case. Those points are mentioned below:

1) Personal Injury Lawsuit covers a different kind of cases

Generally, if one talks about a personal injury claim then automobile accidents come first to mind. But a personal injury attorney can help you with any bodily harm, including dog bite cases, slip and fall accidents, catastrophic personal injuries, brain injuries, etc.

2) Not to sign anything before consulting Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies try their best to pay the minimal amount or set a cap, beyond which they do not want to go to avoid hurting their bottom line. The insurance company involved in the claim process try to contact injured persons directly to try and convince them to settle for a lesser amount. But the injured person should immediately get a lawyer at the earliest and should not sign any document without consulting the lawyer as he is not aware of all the rules and legal regulations involved in the claim process.

3) Appointment of Personal Injury Lawyer is highly recommended

Here is how you know you should hire a personal injury lawyer… the insurance company desperately wants you not to hire one.  This is because they know the recovery will be far greater when you have a personal injury attorney. Lawyers not only help you with civil procedure and court hearings. The best personal injury attorneys also have extensive understanding and ability to articulate a person’s physical injuries, emotional distress, and how an auto accident or injury can greatly impact a person’s life.  Personal injury attorney understands the value of the claim and, therefore, they provide the best opportunity to receive the maximum compensation for their attorney.

4) Every Personal Injury Case is unique

Although personal injury cases have many similarities, they are all completely unique and come with their own set of complexities. For example, although the process to claim a Personal Injury would be similar, each insurance company treats injury cases substantially different from one another. For example, Mercury insurance is notorious for failing to pay fair compensation for a person’s injuries. Beyond this, how the incident occurred, the number of peoples involved, circumstances after the incident, treatment for injuries etc., will  will be different in each case so how to prove the claim and the appropriate damages will differ greatly.

5) Some of the Personal Injury cases can be time-consuming

A majority of personal injury cases are extremely complex.  There are thousands of cases filed in the California Superior Court each week and trial dates are getting set 2 years away from the date of filing. Court trials are extremely time-consuming and the decision is taken by a jury (or judge) following the court proceedings. Therefore, the only opportunity to obtain a recovery sooner is by way of settlement. This our-of-court settlement is where the plaintiff and defendant mutually agree on the claim amount and plaintiff is ready to receive the decided amount. A good personal injury attorney prepares for trial at the outset, and this sort of preparation is what causes insurance companies to settle, and often settle sooner and for higher amounts. .

6) Personal Injury lawyers handle the case on a contingency basis

Attorneys are notorious for being extremely expensive. Therefore, most injured people fear having to pay exorbitant amounts out of their own pocket to pay to recover.  This is generally very difficult when an injured person already has difficulty working, paying for medical expenses, etc.

To avoid this circumstances, the best Personal injury lawyers work on a contingent-fee basis where the lawyer is not paid unless and until the case is resolved, and the plaintiff gets a full and fair settlement.

These blogs are meant purely for educational purposes. They contain only general information about legal matters. They are not legal advice, and should not be treated as such. If you have any specific questions about any legal matter you should consult with an attorney.


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