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If you have been hurt or sustained a personal injury, these are four topics that generally aren’t known by the average person. There are certain things you should know about what a personal injury is, how to find a lawyer, what you can recover, and how to recover the most.  Here are four basic things you should know about any personal injury case:

1) Personal Injury Lawsuit covers different kinds of cases.

Pursuing a Personal Injury case is very different than any other type of case. Many people think that a Personal Injury attorney only handles car accident cases.  However, an experienced Personal Injury attorney can successfully litigate and recover damages for any physical injuries you sustain as a result of someone’s intentional, negligent, or careless conduct causing you to suffer a physical injury. The best Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles would therefore not only take a car accident case but also slip and falls, dog bites, battery, sexual misconduct, etc.  Hiring an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles that focuses on personal injury cases is a must.

When looking for the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, you should use the same diligence, logic, and care as you would find a surgeon.  If you needed heart surgery, you would never hire a primary care doctor or even a surgeon that does knee replacements. You hire a heart surgeon.  Similarly, if you were in a car accident in Los Angeles, you would want the best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles that focuses on their training, practice, and experiences in handling personal injury cases. Lawyers that handle business disputes, copyrights, or wills and trusts often will also take on personal injury cases. While these lawyers might be great lawyers in their respective fields, this does not mean they are the best lawyer for personal injury cases.

A great personal injury lawyer is well versed in both the physical and mental pain and suffering a person goes through after a car accident, dog bite, or other personal injuries. You want someone that has the best experience in proving these injuries with the best opportunity to receive the maximum compensation from the other party. The best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will have a high level of legal experience, great negotiating skills, thorough medical knowledge, and lots of trial experiences which makes him ready to pursue the maximum personal injury claim.

2) Insurance companies are very tricky

In almost every personal injury case, there will be an insurance company that defends the person that hurt you. Insurance companies’ sole objective is to minimize your injuries and pay the absolute least amount possible. At the end of the day, they are in the business of making money. You should never talk to the insurance adjuster without a lawyer present.  Just like with the police – “anything you say can and will be used against you…”  The insurance company will always try to directly contact the injured person so that they can get information and use it against you and to pay the least amount possible. Be smart, retain a trusted personal injury lawyer at the earliest opportunity.


3) What is “pain and suffering.”

Most people think that after a car accident, you can recover for the damage to your car, reimbursement for medical expenses, recovery for any lost wages, and recovery for your “pain and suffering.” And they are right. However, most people don’t really know what pain and suffering include when trying to recover in a personal injury case.

What are pain and suffering and how do we calculate them? Most people think that it is simply the “pain” you feel as a result of the physical injuries and any “suffering” you might have endured as a result of the accident. However, this is a very narrow view of the mental and emotional effects of an injury. A personal injury lawyer will know that pain and suffering include worry, fright, anxiety, loss of sleep,  loss of enjoyment of life, and anyway the injury or accident that has impacted your life.  But compensation varies from individual to individual depending on their cases and your lawyer can help you to get the best claim.

4) Some Personal Injury cases settle quickly and some can be time-consuming.

Personal Injury cases are all unique. Generally, the three things that we focus on in any case is how the injury occurred, how the person was negligent, and what a person’s injuries are. As you can imagine, sometimes proving how the accident occurred or how a person was negligent is very simple and straight forward.  For example, in a rear-end accident is very easy to prove that the person was driving at an unsafe distance, was not paying attention to the road ahead, and/or was driving at an unsafe speed. However, other causes can be much more complicated.  The same can be said for different types of injuries. For example, some car accident cases are at very low speeds or low impacts but result in serious injuries.  The insurance company will fight these sorts of cases much harder than high-speed cases.

Therefore, a clear-cut liability case at high speeds will resolve much quicker than a disputed liability case with major injuries after a low impact accident. However, the best personal injury lawyers will know how to prove these disputed and difficult cases and will move much quicker toward a settlement.

These blogs are meant purely for educational purposes. They contain only general information about legal matters. They are not legal advice, and should not be treated as such. If you have any specific questions about any legal matter you should consult with an attorney.


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