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Motorcycle rides are both fun and can be risky as well if not accompanied by driving helmets. Although helmets provide good safety while driving two-wheelers but do not guarantee full proof or accident proof drive. Head Injury is one of the worst, life-changing and fatal injury which can incur to a person.

When the accident takes place, if a person suffers from brain damage, it is not just a personal loss of health but also a big setback on the financial build of the family. One might be eligible to seek compensation for the damages depending on the condition of the accident. But to proceed further in this case one should first hire a brain injury attorney in Los Angeles who can guide them through the various queries in legal proceedings:

1) How did the accident happen?

The lawyer will first investigate the facts and the conditions in which the accident took place. To further look for how many parties were involved in the accident and who all are responsible for the damages incurred to the client.

The lawyer will investigate all the forensic reports, eyewitnesses, and other evidence to look for who all are liable for the damages caused to the motorcyclist.

2) How severe is the brain injury?

Brain injury is one such incident that not necessarily shows the impact immediately but can be diagnosed a few days after the accident. The injury can lead to external or internal bleeding or can also result in swelling which damages the nerves and tissues leading to permanent brain injury.

Brain injury lawyer will investigate thoroughly the case, will consult the respective doctors, collect the numerous related medical documents, consult the person who has noticed the change in the body language of the victim after the accident.

While filing for the claim in the court, the lawyer will have to produce the evidence which can be any of the following:

-Testimony from the neurologists, psychologists

-Past and current medical records

-Reports of any medical scanning.

-Case study of similar brain or head injury

-Statement of your immediate family & friends

3) How to calculate the worth of the damages incurred during the accident?

California is a default state, here one needs to file a claim to an insurance firm to receive the compensation only when the other party is proven to be at fault. And the worth of the claim depends on the damage or loss incurred to you and your property.

Below items can be included in the claim filed for compensation:

Accidents result in injuries that needs to be treated. Hence the complaint should include the cost of medical treatment, hospitalization, any emergency treatment or surgery, rehabilitative therapy, etc.

One needs to submit the insurance copy of the vehicle involved in the accident and the respective quotes for addressing these damages.

One can claim for the loss of wages incurred due to absence from the work for recovery. And if the injury results in permanent disability then one can also claim for loss of future income.

These include the emotional and mental distress one goes through along with his family members due to the accident and injury.

Los Angeles injury attorney works diligently to provide their party with the maximum compensation for all their suffering.

4) How long does it take to obtain compensation via a claim of a car crash?

The time frame of a case depends on how complex is the case and how suitable are the evidence. Some of the cases are settled in weeks and some take years.

5) What can be done if the opposing party is not co-operating?

If the party refuses to settle for the claim amount, then the sufferer party can take them to the court but within a limited time which one can check with their lawyer.

When one is injured in an accident, they are not equipped to fight with the opponent party, insurance companies, etc., and overall to receive your compensation one should speak with the car accident lawyer to pursue further in areas like Los Angeles.

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These blogs are meant purely for educational purposes. They contain only general information about legal matters. They are not legal advice, and should not be treated as such. If you have any specific questions about any legal matter you should consult with an attorney.


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