After a car accident where you are injured due to another driver’s negligence, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney that focuses their practice on auto accidents is the person you need on your side. Los Angeles is notorious not only for requiring many people to drive from one place to another at all times of the day but also notorious for having more auto accidents than almost any other county in the United States. You never know when an accident is lurking around the corner. Unfortunately, not too often do the affected party receive the compensation they deserve. That’s where a Los Angeles auto accident attorney steps in. These litigators ensure the negligent driver pays out for what was taken from you and what they owe to the affected party. 

We are breaking down everything you need to know to get the best compensation if you find yourself a victim of an auto accident in Los Angeles. Go through the details, understand them, and make use of them if ever the time comes (we do hope and wish for safety for everyone) because you never know when you might need an auto accident attorney. 

What is a Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorney?

Accidents bring lives to a halt that no one wants to be a victim of. If you’re lying-in bed and accumulating hospital bills with no way to pay for the treatment, it does nothing but piles up bills and stress.

Professional auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles are skilled and knowledgeable individuals who fight on your behalf to get you the compensation that covers: 

  • accumulated hospital bills 
  • emotional and physical compensation 
  • loss of wages and compensation to the family 

Los Angeles auto accident attorneys approach the case intending to ensure the affected party is not exploited any further than they already have been by the auto accident itself. The compensation should cover the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering and compensate you for how your life was altered as a result of the accident and what was taken from you.  

What is the Auto Accident Law?

The accidents are just the beginning of several processes at the same time. There is an insurance claim, fault determination, and many other factors that prove the harm and loss. 

Moving on with life after an accident that severely injures you or alters your life is difficult. Though the money cannot solve that, it can take off the momentary stress of paying the bills till you get your life back on track. 

Driving or being driven around regularly increases the chances of being caught in an auto accident. Though if you do find yourself in that situation, know the law beforehand. You have the legal rights to file compensation against the negligent driver for the damages through a personal injury claim.  

Los Angeles auto accident attorneys do their best to ensure that the insurance company pays out the affected party’s losses. If the negligent driver or the insurance company causes any issue with the compensation, a lawsuit is filed against them to ensure the client gets every dollar they deserve. Though most auto accident cases in Los Angeles reach a settlement out of court, if the compensation offered by them is worth it, your attorney would ask you to accept it. However, a settlement should only be reached when it is complete compensation for your loss.   

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How Does Auto Accident Settlement Process Work?

The Los Angeles auto accident attorneys cover several types of auto accidents. Thousands of people commute around the city in private or hired vehicles. They are highly at risk of being involved in a motor accident. This could be due to:

  • faulty automotive equipment
  • bad weather 
  • negligent drivers on the road. 

Several collisions take place every day; any of them could be you or someone you know. Many people lose their lives or their limbs or their ability to ever get off the bed again. They all need something to get past the bad times to start planning their lives after everything has happened.  

In this regard, a Los Angeles auto accident attorney is a professional who helps you make compensation claims while you recover to payout for the medical bills and other damages.  

The compensation process includes:

  • Claim Submission 

The auto accident attorney in Los Angeles files a claim on behalf of the affected lawyer. This starts the chain for the rest of the steps that take place. The payouts are not as simple as they seem to be. Depending on the guilty party’s cooperation and the insurance company, the process could be short or long. 

  • Auto Accident Investigation 

The insurance claim adjuster of the guilty party’s insurance company begins an investigation process to review every piece of evidence for proof of your claim. Only after your claim has been validated the payment process is carried forward. A legal route is adopted with an official police report, medical reports, witnesses, testimonies, and more. 

  • Auto Accident Experts Consultation 

All experts involved in the investigation significantly affect your personal injury claim. The primary experts involved in your case would be: 

  • the doctors who treated you, they would provide the insight into the injuries you’ve suffered
  • an accident reconstruction specialist, they provide a digital rendering of the accident, determining the factors that led to the incident 
  • the civil or mechanical engineers would verify which vehicle or geographical features were the main cause of the accident 
  • Insurance Policy Review 

Not everyone has an insurance policy, and those who do may not be able to cover all damages they have caused to you. That’s why your insurance policy is reviewed along with that of the guilty party. This is to help make up for the difference that is coming from your payout. Los Angeles auto accident attorneys are renowned for doing their best to get as many damages covered as possible. 

  • Pre-Lawsuit Settlement 

Not all auto accident cases reach the courtroom. If the guilty party’s offer covers the damages and seems reasonable, your Los Angeles auto accident attorney will suggest you take it. This would save you a lot of time and stress. 

  • A Lawsuit is Filed 

If either of the parties does not reach an out-of-court settlement, a lawsuit is filed. Everything is done as per the court instructions, and everyone has to abide by their decision. This may prompt the party to make a settlement before the case reaches a hearing date. But if that is not the case, the court proceedings will continue toward a trial, and then there is no going back. Court hearings and trials can take time, so everyone has to be prepared mentally for it. 

What if I Cannot Afford a Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorney? 

You don’t have to make an initial payment to the auto accident attorney you hire in Los Angeles. Most auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles charges a contingency fee. The percentage varies between 33% to 50%, but you would find that 40% is the standard rate in Los Angeles for auto accident attorneys. 

The auto accident attorneys take these payment percentages from the final settlement you and the guilty party agree to. Hence, the payments are made at the end of the case. So, you can reach out to an attorney from the beginning but be sure to finalize the percentage beforehand.  


As we mentioned initially, auto accidents can happen anytime, and one can’t presume the occurrence. If you ever encounter such a situation in your life, consult the best Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys at Kirakosian Law. Our well-trained and experienced personal injury attorneys focus on personal injury cases and are passionate about pursuing justice on behalf of the victims.

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