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Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics: 2023 Update

The best source for car accident statistics in Los Angeles is hands down the L.A. City Data Resource page, which we will go over here for 2022-2023. It breaks down traffic collision data going all the way back to 2010 in a nice and organized manner. Here are a few notable statistics:

Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics Graph 2022

2022 has shown some increases over the past years in some areas related to car collisions but there has been a steady output of around 1200 to 1500 car accidents per month in the city. March to May in particular saw car accidents increase significantly. Weather was for the most part sunny and conditions manageable. 1,424, 1,416 and 1,475 traffic collision incidents were reported across those months in L.A. respectively. Increased traffic, however, was definitely a factor and likely impacted statistics for those months as we see another spike towards the end of the year when traffic tends to increase.

Yes, traffic can increase the likelihood of car accidents. When there are more vehicles on the road, the risk of collisions and other types of accidents increases. Additionally, heavy traffic can also lead to drivers becoming frustrated, making them more prone to aggressive or reckless behavior that can contribute to accidents.

Other factors that can contribute to the relationship between traffic and car accidents include road design, vehicle speeds, driver behavior and skill, weather conditions, and road conditions. It’s important for drivers to be aware of these factors and to adjust their driving behavior accordingly, in order to reduce their risk of being involved in a car accident.

Age is more than just a number

Age is a factor in los angeles car accidents

It’s not surprising that the extremities of age are at the top of victims and/or people involved in auto collisions in Los Angeles. The NHTSA has a study showing the connection between age and the likelihood of being involved in a car accident.

Teenagers and young drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in car accidents due to their lack of driving experience, impulsiveness, and tendency to engage in risky behavior while driving.

On the other hand, elderly drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents due to factors such as declining physical and cognitive abilities, slower reaction times, and greater likelihood of taking medications that can affect their driving abilities. Makes sense! But, regardless, driving conditions, traffic and other factors tend to play just as significant, if not more so, roles.

Here are some statistics regarding drivers over the age of 65 and their involvement in car accidents:

It’s important to note that these statistics are just general trends, and that individual driving ability can vary greatly among drivers of all ages. Safe driving habits, regular check-ups, and proper vehicle maintenance can help reduce the risk of car accidents for drivers of all ages.

Time Statistics for L.A. based auto accidents

Time statistics for car accidents los angeles

The time statistics here are a bit hard to categorize as the system literally has metrics by the minute. When reports are taken, often, a person will say a whole number. 2 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. for example. Every so often, due to footage or witnesses or something that time stamps with precision, time is entered exactly. So the rest of the chart marks car accident data in a difficult way to interpret.

The top part, however, shows us a clear picture. 2 a.m. and traffic hours provide the most automobile accidents, statistically, per hour. 2 in the morning in particular shows a staggering amount of accidents while 4 to 8 make up the rest of the slots.

Traffic is one reason to skip the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and this is data shows there is another reason that just as important: accidents happen more frequently.

Does gender matter? Here’s what the statistics say.

It absolutely does – according to lacity.org. But not how you may think. While the myth of women drivers goes decades back, car accident statistics show another thing altogether.

Women car accident statistics

Men, BY FAR, are in more car accidents statistically than women. Out of the thousands and thousands of accidents reported in 2022 across the greater Los Angeles area – men were involved in the vast majority of them.

Why do men tend to be involved in more car accidents than women? There are several factors that contribute to this disparity. Here are a few with sources!

One of the key factors is driving behavior. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), men are more likely to engage in high-risk driving behaviors, such as speeding and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Source: https://www.nhtsa.gov/male-vs-female-drivers

Another factor is age distribution. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that men are overrepresented in fatal crashes during their teenage years and early twenties, when they may be more likely to engage in reckless driving behavior. Source: https://www.iihs.org/topics/fatality-statistics/detail/young-drivers

Physical differences also play a role. Research has shown that men tend to be stronger and have more aggressive tendencies, which can contribute to their involvement in car accidents. Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK279071/

Lastly, work-related driving is also a factor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), men are more likely to hold jobs that require a lot of driving, such as delivery truck drivers, long-haul truckers, and emergency responders. Source: https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes_nat.htm

In conclusion, while men are involved in more car accidents, it’s not because they are inherently worse drivers. Rather, it’s a combination of factors, such as behavioral and situational differences, that contribute to the disparity.”

Comparing 2022 and 2021 by Car Accidents and Fatalities

While Los Angeles car collision data shows that accidents are DOWN, fatalities have gone UP. This is interesting because it would be assumed that the decrease in car accidents would mean less deaths.

car accidents 2021 vs 2022

There has been a stead decline in car accidents following 2018 after constant increases since 2010 (the year lacity.org started tracking car accident data). That being said, recent years have seen a distressing trend of traffic accidents that lead to deaths in Los Angeles. According to the L.A. Times, 2022 saw an alarming 312 fatalities in traffic crashes, the highest number in 20 years.

The death toll rose by 5% compared to the previous year, which was already a devastating record. The increase from 2020 is even more concerning, with a staggering 30% rise in fatalities. Furthermore, over 1,500 people suffered severe injuries in traffic accidents last year, a 30% increase over the past two years.

The Times also mentions that New York, despite having twice the population of Los Angeles, had 100 less fatalities. This could also be explained by the better public transportation system that New York city has but, regardless, it is interesting to note that L.A. has reported more deaths despite less accidents.

Los Angeles is known for car accidents for a reason

Whether it’s the poor public transportation system, the insane traffic that can be found across more and more hours or the city tensions that lead to more aggressive driving – whatever the reason, car accidents are significant factor to consider when living here.

As a law firm that specializes in personal injury and car accidents, we’re no strangers to the headaches, literally and figuratively, that come with car accidents. The statistics are clear: it may happen to you or someone you know at some point in the future.

Don’t ignore your injuries after a car accident. Talk to an attorney. Make sure they are reviewed, well known and established. A great attorney can make all the difference in your case to get your just compensation.