Reports show that there has been a steady increase in sexual harassment cases in the United States. 45% of women claim to have sexually assaulted or harassed in the workplace whereas 14% of men have come forward to accept the same. Taking advantage of someone who is need of job by a superior is not new. Many times, we hear a case where a manager or a supervisor tried to take advantage of an employee in return for some favour. You need a workplace harassment lawyers to get help and save oneself from the torture.

Working in a hostile work environment can cause serious health issues. Mental stresses, anxiety, frequent visit to some counsellor and spending money on pills are the common consequences of one’s inability to deal with the workplace environment. Fear of losing a job as one is need of money can force one to keep working in an environment which is endangering one’s safety.

Women are more frequently sexually harassed than men, but both are at risk. An organization which cannot take care of its work environment should bear the consequences. Employee safety is a matter of serious concern, and we at Kirakosian Law Firm, assures to fight for the rights.

The United States recognizes two kinds of workplace sexual harassment cases:

  1. Quid pro quo: As the name suggests, in exchange for some favour, your superior may ask you to compromise. This is harassment! If you are asked to have sexual relations at your workplace with your boss or any employee, you are a victim of sexual harassment. Meet lawyers for harassment & discrimination to fight back against such people who try to take advantage of their employees.
  2. Hostile work environment: Another type that the US government recognizes as sexual harassment is the hostile work environment that an employee may get. From passing sexual remarks to touching inappropriately, forced to do late-night shifts or passing those dirty looks that one can very well understand, all come under this category.

Retaliate and get justice!

Often people become silent and keep tolerating the inappropriate behaviour at the workplace. Yes, we all need a job to survive our families but not at the cost of one’s mental health and physical abuse. The sexual mistreatment should be addressed there and then. One shouldn’t wait to know if that stops. Nib the evil in the bud or else it will give way to more inappropriate behaviour of the person towards you. One thing leads to another. If you stay quiet and the other person will get the signal they can do more.

If you are feeling unpleasant because of your boss’s behaviour or a superior who is passing comments on you, don’t sit back and tolerate. It will trigger a more hostile environment for you. The first step is to let the authorities know, and if still no action is taken against the employee, then you need workplace attorney who can help you get justice.

Don’t be silent, speak up and get your rights! We at Kirakosian Law Firm have a team of lawyers that will listen to your problem carefully and be sensitive towards your situation. We understand that it is always hard to speak about such matters, which is why we stand strong with you in this fight.

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