In a powerful court case, Natalie White emerged as a beacon of strength and resilience, seeking justice for the personal injury she endured as a result of a heinous sexual assault committed by Turkish actor Zafer Alpat (known for working with Kendrick Lamar and Morgan Freeman). 

Zafer Alpat with Kendrick Lamar Role

Through her unwavering determination and the skillful advocacy of attorney Greg L. Kirakosian, Ms. White’s pursuit of justice resulted in a judgment in her favor in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles on March 23, 2023.

The Disturbing Sexual Assault


What initially began as a stay arranged through a home-sharing app service quickly escalated into a nightmarish scenario for Ms. White. Zafer Alpat, a towering figure standing at 6’3″ and weighing over 200 lbs, subjected her to an unthinkable act of violence that would forever impact her life.


Having booked through AirBnB, Ms. White was asked if she was staying alone or not after calling in for a check-in time change. Fearing extra charges, she confirmed that she was, in fact, alone.

The following morning at 10:45am she heard a knock on the door and opened it as she assumed it was a cleaning service. Zafer Alpat then entered her short-term rented home and began to get aggressive. Alpat said he wanted to talk to her so that she would “manage” his properties. Ms. White felt unsafe and repeatedly stated she needed to leave, but Alpat began to get more and more aggressive.


Alpat began to touch, grope, sexually assault and sexually batter Ms. White by touching her breasts, waist, hips, and buttocks. He then tried to tear off pieces of her clothing and began to kiss and lick her neck, shoulders, chest, and face. Throughout this sexual assault, she begged to be let free. Alpat refused and held her tighter against her will.


After about 2-3 minutes of being sexually assaulted and battered, Natalie White was finally able

to break free for a moment, only to be grabbed again by Alpat. She then attempted to run towards the bathroom to grab her phone, but he ran after her and physically picked her up in the air from behind, threw her on the couch, held her down, placed his body weight on her, and continued to sexually assault and batter Ms. White. This went on for about 10 minutes, while she struggled to be let free and begged to be let go. Alpat asked her where she thought she was going and then stated that she could not leave.


Eventually, she broke free by throwing herself on the ground, bruising her back. Plaintiff tried yet again to run, but Alpat ran after her, blocked her path, and grabbed her yet again. He then demanded 2 more minutes, while trying to drag her by her arms into the bedroom of the apartment. Ms. White begged him to let her go. Zafer Alpat continued to grope and lick her until she was finally able to break free, grabbed her belongings near the door, and fled screaming for help.


A Fugitve On the Run and a Victim Left Battered and Traumatized


During the legal proceedings, it became apparent that Mr. Alpat was evading accountability, having fled to Turkey and failing to appear at the preliminary hearing for the corresponding criminal case. 


In the civil matter, the case went forward with Judge H. Chester Horn presiding over the proceedings. Plaintiff Natalie White, accompanied by her attorney Greg L. Kirakosian, presented compelling evidence to support her claims. The court considered the evidence and rendered its verdict after Mr. Alpat failed to show.

A Triumph of Justice For a Sexual Assault Victim and an Attorney’s Disappointment


The judgment delivered in favor of Ms. White stands as a testament to her unwavering courage and the strength of her case. The court awarded her a substantial sum of $9,800,000, acknowledging the immense physical, emotional, and psychological harm she suffered due to Mr. Alpat’s reprehensible actions.


Attorney Greg L. Kirakosian, however, expressed disappointment at the lack of cooperation from the defendant and the criminal justice system’s failure to take Mr. Alpat’s ability to travel away. 


Kirakosian noted that Mr. Alpat’s probable flight to Turkey complicated the legal process, potentially hindering efforts to hold him fully accountable for the damages inflicted upon Ms. White.


While Turkey does have extradition treaties in place, the complexities surrounding international legal procedures may prolong Ms. White’s pursuit of justice. Despite this, the judgment awarded by the court provides a measure of recognition for the harm she endured. But it’s not enough if the criminal Zafer Alpat remains at large.

Zafer Alpat Morgon Freeman God Actor

A Call for Change For Victims of Sexual Assault

Natalie White’s harrowing experience underscores the pressing need for comprehensive safety measures within the home-sharing app service industry. It serves as a wake-up call for both the app service providers and the broader community to prioritize the safety and well-being of their users, ensuring that such horrifying incidents are prevented to the greatest extent possible.


Natalie White’s victorious battle against personal injury and sexual assault represents a triumph of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of justice. While her journey toward healing may continue, her unwavering spirit inspires hope and underscores the imperative for systemic changes to protect individuals from the grave dangers posed by those who abuse their power.


Kirakosian Law is proud to continually represent the under-represented – especially when they stand in the face of powers that traditionally and historically considered themselves ‘greater’ than their victims. Our fight on their behalf is our mission to produce change in our community.