No doubt, police officers and law enforcement in general have an essential function to serve in the machinery of society. It is also without question that their jobs are mentally demanding, physically dangerous, and take an emotional toll on them throughout their life. For this reason, amongst others, they are regarded like heroes in our nation. However, we must remember that their duty is to protect and serve, and sometimes they forget that. Ask any Civil Rights Attorney in Los Angeles to account for some, and many cases will come to light. The question then comes up as to what the responsibility of law enforcement is, and how far it is justified for them to go in the pursuit of justice. This article details exactly that, and tells you how you may get compensation if you have been a victim of police brutality.

Obviously, the use of force is necessary in the day to day job of a police officer. In many cases, they are justified in using force or violence to subdue, apprehend, or arrest a subject. While the depictions of such acts might seem brutal or excessive to the public, oftentimes it is necessary when dealing with a violent or drugged suspect. However, that is not to say that any amount of force is legal to use. Sometimes, police officers do use excessive force.

According to Police Brutality Lawyer Los Angeles, Police brutality cases are on the rise Sometimes, police officer abuse their power and cross the limits of their authority. In such cases, they must be held accountable, and face the consequences of their actions. The scope of Police brutality includes not only violence against suspects, but also false imprisonment, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or deliberately ignoring a suspects physiological or medical needs. As these cases are getting more and more traction in the media, the government has stepped up efforts to combat police brutality cases by strengthening the civil rights laws in the country.

One of the duties that police officers have is to protect citizens from the violation of their constitutional rights by fellow officers. Even if they themselves do not engage in any misconduct, the mere complicity or failure to intervene can count as a liability to the victim.

One of the first defences that the defense attorneys who represent police officers use is a defense of qualified immunity. This defense exists so that a police officer is not hindered in his duties by the fear of prosecution. Therefore, the if you want to win a civil rights claim against a police officer, you must prove that their actions exceeded the bounds of reason, and infringed upon your constitutional rights in a way that caused some injury or damages.

Unfortunately, despite the best of behavior, sometimes you end up on the wrong side of the law, and may be unfairly treated by the police. In such incidents, it is essential that you find the best civil rights lawyer in Los Angeles to plead your case. These investigations take time, and the evidence in your favor can disappear if you delay. Also be quick to take photos or other documentation of damages or injuries caused by the police, and preserve any clothing or other evidence. Additionally, due to the inherent complicity between police officers and the judicial system, the odds are against you the longer you wait. Therefore, if you experience any of the problems on the list below, contact a civil rights lawyer in Orange County now!

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