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In layman’s language, personal injury is recognized in the US Law as an injury to body, mind or emotions which are caused as opposed to an injury to one’s property. Someone’s misconduct intentional or non-intentional, if because of it, one suffered an injury, he or she is liable to seek justice. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you know your rights. Many times people do not understand that maybe they have been intentionally injured. In case, if someone slips or falls which causes bodily injuries, it can be a deliberate attempt. Also, emotional distress is hard to understand initially, but talking to someone to get guidance will always be the best option. The other person can show you a bigger picture, and help you learn whether you are a deliberate victim of someone’s wrongdoing or not.

Let’s understand the different types of personal injuries:
Know the below types of personal injuries that are recognized by the States Law. One must know their rights and be aware of misconduct that can cause greater harm later. From defamation, assault to dog bites, there are different ways a person can knowingly hurt you. If that happens, you will know when to call for a personal injury attorney. Let us understand it in detail:

Bodily Injury:
Slips and falls, injury at construction sites, warehouse or any injury caused at workplaces, educational institutes and more where a person gets injured due to the negligence of the authorities etc. a person can file a case against them. The result of such injuries caused is usually quite heavy and one may have to stay at bed rest as a result of it. One can become jobless or stay months at home without a salary. This is why it becomes important to seek a lawyers help. You can get compensation and be able to save your job because you got injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Victim of Medical Malpractice
If one suffers injuries on the body due to a doctor’s negligent behavior or nurse didn’t treat the person right, then one can file for a case. When a practitioner or the medical institute does not meet the quality and safety standards as addressed by the Government of the United States, in such cases, a doctor can lose his or her license and even the medical institute can be locked in serious cases. So if you are a victim of medical malpractice, you might want to get a personal injury lawyer’s advice.

Dog Bites:
If a dog has bit you and caused serious injury, you might want to talk with your lawyer and get the dog owner to pay for the medical bill for the treatment you will need. Sometimes the action can be a deliberate intention of the dog owner. Animosity or jealousy can lead to such actions. Get a lawyer’s help as you will know what exactly to do.

Ruining someone’s public image or demoralizing someone in the society is a serious offense and it happens when someone wrongly tries to charge you of a crime that you haven’t committed. When someone tries to ruin your reputation that comes under personal injury as well as it is causing you emotional pain and distress.
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