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Everybody has the right to expect safety, peace of mind, and an environment where they are not under threat by any other member of the public. However, personal injury caused by another individual as a result of an accident is more than common enough to have a whole section of the law devoted to it. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another individual, you may be eligible to file a personal injury case with the help of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. But how do you know if you are eligible? What do you need to keep in mind?

Read this article and find out whether you have a bogus claim, or whether it is worth hiring a personal injury attorney in Bakersfield and moving forward with a case.

What kinds of cases fall under the category of personal injury law?
A common misconception is that only motor vehicle and car collisions are eligible for being tried under personal injury law. However, according to the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, there are many other situations in which these laws apply, including but not limited to defective products, dog bite, accidents caused due to hazardous areas, and wrongful death. Any instance where a person suffers harm due to another person can potentially be considered under a personal injury suit.

After a workplace injury, my insurance company offered a settlement. Should I take it?
It is in insurance providers’ best interests to make sure that the amount they pay out is the lowest possible, preserving their bottom line. But this undervaluation of your claim can have more significant effects on your own financial future, especially if your injury results in lost wages. Always consult a Los Angeles Personal injury lawyer if you are unsure, as they will be able to advise you how best to proceed.

How can I pick the best lawyer for my case?
When it comes to picking the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, two things matter. The experience of the lawyer, as well as the firm they belong to. Both these play a part in the eventual outcome of your case. The difference between a bad lawyer and a good one can often mean a difference of 1000s of dollars in the eventual pay-out, so make sure you go with a reputed lawyer, with a good track record and an experienced firm backing him up, and the odds will be stacked in your favor.

I’ve heard that the compensation offered is often meagre, should I even bother filing?
Actually, this again is a popular myth spread by insurance companies to avoid paying out. In fact, compensation in personal injury cases usually covers more than just medical costs, and can also expand to include the loss of wages, the property damage as well as costs for medical procedures. At times, it may even include costs for pain and suffering. Additionally, in case of wrongful death, even funeral expenses may be covered, so check with your lawyer for details.

I believe I may be eligible to file a personal injury case. What should I Do?
Remember, it is most important to prove the injury was caused due to the actions of another person, so both time and evidence are crucial. In addition, a statute of limitations prevents filing after a certain date, so it is critical that you consult a personal injury lawyer to gather as much evidence as possible in the beginning. This will help you down the line, with documentation and information in the court.

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