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Lane Splitting Accidents

There are many reasons why you might find yourself involved in a lane-splitting accident. It may be because you were driving next to a motorcycle rider who was next to you riding the white lines and crashed into you. Or you might have been riding your motorcycle and the car next to you was crowding your lane, causing you to suffer injuries. In this case, you may find out that the car driver is accusing you of lane splitting even though you might have been doing nothing wrong.

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Main Reasons for Lane Splitting

It is easy to understand that there might be several reasons why a motorcycle rider may choose to engage in lane splitting while riding down a crowded highway. It may be as straightforward as the fact that they were running late and decided that going between two vehicle lanes would allow them to advance faster and get to their destination sooner. Other situations that may result in lane splitting may be:


When a motorcycle rider becomes frustrated by the amount of slow-moving traffic around them, they may decide to move between the rows of cars to increase their chances of advancing. Unfortunately, this decision may also result in a traffic collision with injuries to both parties.

Lack of Experience

An inexperienced motorcycle driver may be confident enough to believe that they have the required skills to fit between two lanes of moving vehicles with barely enough space around them. However, moving along such a narrow area may have a motorcycle rider quickly losing control of their bike and causing a serious crash with nearby cars and other vehicles.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

If a motorcycle drinks alcohol or uses drugs before getting on their bike, they will certainly have a reduced and slower level of judgment. This could end disastrously when they have to maneuver their bike along such a narrow lane between other moving vehicles, most of which will be heavier and larger.

Whatever the reason a motorcycle rider decides to engage in lane splitting, the reality is that the vast majority of vehicle drivers are not used to watching out for motorcyclists riding so close by and do not consider the area where the white lines are painted on the asphalt as an additional traffic lane. This reason alone is enough to lead to serious lane splitting accidents among all roadways every year.

As a motorcycle rider, should you opt to engage in lane splitting, you should always be aware of this fact and remember that car and truck drivers may not be looking out for you.

Dangers Associated with Lane Splitting

Every driver knows how wide a lane is and how little space there is between lanes. There is barely enough space for cars and other vehicles to move along safely so close to each other. During periods of heavy traffic, a car may be forced to swerve unexpectedly out of its lane when the vehicle in front suddenly stops. If a motorcycle rider decides to follow the white lines down the road among the slow-moving vehicles, the possibility of a crash increases dramatically. If the motorcyclist loses concentration even for a split second, they could lose control of their bike and hit other cars, potentially causing a multi-vehicle crash.

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