Do you fear that you might lose your job due to the coronavirus outbreak? The Government has made several changes in its law for employment to secure the rights of the employees as well as give them rights to get claims amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the efforts of the Government, the unemployment rate in the US is highest at the moment. It is only logical that people will panic and have insecurities in their minds whether they can lose their job or not.

The Employment Law of the US is quite rigid and is designed to secure the job of the employees. It includes an equal status for the same job rank among men and women, no discrimination against sex, gender, physical disability, etc. among many other rules, including social security and unemployment benefits.

Below are the new changes in the employment system due to the coronavirus outbreak:

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), Emergency Paid sick Leave Act and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act are the new introductions to the Employment Law of the United States. In this, an employee can get paid leaves as follows:

In case of applying for paid leaves following scenarios are accepted where 80 hours of paid sick leave is granted:

Also, you can get the 10 week paid leave extension as well with 2-week unpaid leave if you are taking care of your children where no one else can, but the reason for children being at home is due to the shutdown of schools and children care centers because of the coronavirus situation.

Can I be fired from My Job?

The above explains the new measures taken by the Government to secure the people and allow them to get paid leaves with work from home options. But, the reality seems a little different. When employees should feel secure, but instead, they are losing jobs faster. With 4.4 % of Americans jobless at the moment, the figures are changing at a rapid pace each day. It is shocking that 30 million people have filed for unemployment insurance claims in the April month alone.

How the government will pay the jobless benefits is a big question here as we are talking about billions of dollars at stakes.

Do know that wrongful termination is an offense in the United States, and if your employer has fired you because you took leave or suffered a problem that involves the coronavirus outbreak, your employer cannot do so. You cannot be fired from your job because of the virus situation as work from home and other guidelines have been given by the Government where an employer cannot fire his employee, or else it will come under the Wrongful Termination Act.

Many people are in turmoil where they are losing jobs because businesses are shunting people out without giving any explanations in order to save money. If you are a victim of the same, getting in touch with a lawyer will help you save your job, get compensation, and your rights.

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