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What Is A Personal Injury Lawyer?

what is a personal injury lawyer

Getting injured is a distressing and frightening experience, especially if it results from someone else’s negligence. If you believe another person is at fault for your injuries, consulting a personal injury lawyer is crucial. But what is a personal injury lawyer?  A lawyer can inform you of your rights and options, help gather evidence, negotiate […]

From Protests to Policy Change: How to Stop Police Brutality

how to stop police brutality

Police brutality is a serious problem that has to be addressed right away. All communities are impacted, but minority groups are frequently the ones most frequently attacked. Mistreatment by law enforcement personnel erodes the foundational values of justice and equality in our society. From gathering information on biased police acts to developing interventions that lessen […]

Unpacking Police Use of Force: When Does it Cross the Line?

when does police use of force become excessive or unjustified

Any excessive use of force by police officers is unlawful and could lead to a viable civil rights lawsuit. However, defining excessive force is not straightforward. So, when does police use of force become excessive or unjustified? If you are a victim of police brutality, you may be entitled to pursue a civil rights lawsuit […]

The Amendment Safeguarding You from Illegal Seizures

which amendment protects us from illegal searches and seizures

Understanding the ins and outs of searches and seizures in criminal defense is vital. While law enforcement can conduct searches to gather evidence related to suspected illegal activities, they must have a warrant or legal justification. Otherwise, they risk violating an individual’s rights. Now, which amendment protects us from illegal searches and seizures? Having a […]

What Is Personal Injury?

what is personal injury, what is personal injury protection

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence in California, you may be entitled to compensation. This blog will offer you an overview of personal injury law and the process for seeking damages in the state.    Understanding your legal rights is crucial if you’ve been harmed by someone’s negligence or reckless behavior. Let’s […]

Can You Resist an Unlawful Arrest?

can you resist an unlawful arrest

Being arrested without proper cause can be a distressing experience, prompting the urge to resist. However, laws regarding resistance to unlawful arrests vary by state.  Resisting arrest can potentially lead to additional charges, such as assaulting an officer, even if the initial arrest is deemed unlawful later on. Some states allow resistance to unlawful arrests, […]

What is Malicious Prosecution? Everything You Need to Know

what is malicious prosecution

Whether it’s a dishonest prosecutor illegitimately suing a corporation or a political rival filing false charges against his counterpart, all these cases fall under the purview of malicious prosecution. But what is malicious prosecution?  Felonious and civil cases that don’t have adequate or valid evidence are often not pursued by malicious prosecution attorneys. However, sometimes […]

A Guide to Police Brutality Lawyers in Los Angeles

police brutality

Los Angeles, being the massive and highly populated city that it is (and understatement to be sure), as a whole understands that the role of law enforcement is indispensable in maintaining public safety. But what happens when the threat comes from those sworn to protect us? When the line between protection and harm blurs, it […]

Gross Negligence: What is it and how can a lawyer help me?

what is gross negligence

The California Medical Board has revoked the surgical license of Hanford, California, veteran doctor Dr. David Wayne Nelson because of a disturbing example of extreme negligence. The board’s ruling resulted from Dr. Nelson performing an illegal sterilization procedure on a female patient, age 31, in clear violation of informed consent guidelines. Dr. Nelson’s unwillingness to […]

What is Illegal Search and Seizure in a Vehicle?

what is illegal search and seizure in a vehicle

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects Americans from arbitrary searches and seizures. This means that government officials cannot legally violate this protection. Any evidence gathered during an illegal or unreasonable search of a car cannot be used against the person in court.   But what makes a search unreasonable or illegal? What qualifies […]