T-bone collision

A T-bone collision happens when one vehicle strikes the side of another. This places the cars in the shape of a T at the point of impact. They are most common in intersections when one driver fails to stop at a stop sign or runs a red light while another vehicle is passing through the intersection. Not paying attention to other drivers while driving through a green light can also result in a T-bone crash.

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Potentially Liable Parties in a T-bone Collision

Your accident attorney at Kirakosian Law APC will evaluate the accident in which you got hurt to determine who might be potentially liable. Since each accident is different, different parties may be liable, such as:

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The Other Driver

A driver who obeys a green light and drives through an intersection may get hit by another driver running a red light. When this happens, the driver running the red light is at fault. However, not all accidents are so clear-cut, and the drivers involved may dispute who had the right of way. Your Kirakosian Law APC attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove who was at fault for the T-bone accident.

The Car Manufacturer

Suppose the driver that caused the collision lost control because their vehicle contained faulty components, such as bad brakes or a stuck accelerator. In that case, the vehicle manufacturer might share full or partial liability for your injuries and losses.

Many states have product liability laws that allow injury victims to hold manufacturers responsible for damages caused by their products. Your attorney will investigate the crash and the vehicle’s condition to determine if the manufacturer shares liability.

Another Driver

Suppose the driver who hit you was trying to swerve by another vehicle that was driving negligently. In that case, the negligent driver might hold responsibility even if they were not personally involved. In ideal scenarios, the driver who caused the accident must remain at the scene. However, in most instances, they do not. Any witnesses who can identify the driver or their vehicle can help your case.

Damages You May Claim After a T-Bone Collision

After being injured in a T-bone collision, you may be dealing with a host of expenses. You can include all of them in your claim. These may be expenses related to:

Medical bills – You should keep a detailed file of all your expenses to give to your attorney. You may also include estimates of future medical costs.

Lost wages – Being unable to work due to your injuries means that your financial situation may be suffering as well. Your attorney will want to know about current and future wages lost.

Property damage – If your car needs repairs, or if personal property was damaged during the accident, then it counts as property damage.

Pain and suffering -The emotional distress, depression, or anxiety that the accident has caused represent another important item to include in your claim.

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