When it comes to highway and/or street accidents, motorcycles seem to be the most affected and the ones that cause more accidents than any other vehicle. But why? In this blog, we will explore motorcycle accidents in California and what causes them to happen so frequently. And not only that but, the importance of having a great motorcycle accident attorney in California.

Motorcycles Vs. Automobiles

Motorcycles are extremely dangerous vehicles when it comes to accidents. Why? Well they offer little protection from other vehicles on the road, unlike cars, vans or trucks that have a shell surrounding them. Motorcycles can be very unforgiving if involved in an accident with another vehicle that is much larger than them.

Even though you may think motorcycles accelerate rapidly this isn’t always true. Many times smaller engines mean less power which makes it harder for motorcycles to reach high speeds quickly. This is yet another reason for so many motorcycle accidents in California. 

Given the reasons above, motorcyclists face a slew of difficulties and perils on California roads, almost always owing to other vehicle drivers. Collisions with cars caused by negligent driving are one of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents. Too frequently, drivers will underestimate a motorcyclist’s speed or proximity to their automobile.

Motorcyclists are also more prone to fatal injuries than automobile drivers because they have no type of protective equipment or structure, save for their helmet and elbow/knee pads, except for when they’re involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics          

The CDC has reported that motorcycle fatalities had risen 7% from previous years and were at their highest since 2005. Motorcyclist deaths accounted for 21% of all traffic fatalities, which were at their highest since 2008. Motorcycle crashes are thus the leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 24 according to the CDC’s December 2015 report.

And, According to Motorcycle Accident Statistics, Motorcyclists are nearly 26 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than someone riding in a passenger vehicle. Motorcycles are also 2 times more likely to be involved in an accident than other types of vehicles. Motorcycle accidents cause over 4 thousand injuries each year across California.


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Motorcycle Accidents in California

According to the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation), California comes in at number 7 on a list of states with the most motorcycle accidents. This stems from more than just about any other state because it is such a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. 

For example, many people choose to ride their motorcycles along the California coast line, especially in areas like Newport Beach where there are many beaches and places to ride. Motorcycles offer residents an alternative mode of transportation which can be much faster than other types of vehicles in certain instances. So when motorcycle accidents happen it is important that you act fast to ensure justice is served. But how? 

Who is Liable In a Motorcycle Accident?

First, let’s ask ourselves: What causes motorcycle accidents? Usually it’s due to another party being at fault for the accident. If this were the case, then you should seek justice and contact a motorcycle accident attorney in California .

But, let’s say that the other driver or motorist isn’t directly responsible for causing the motorcycle accident. What happens now? Even so, they may still be liable under certain circumstances. This usually happens when no other vehicles are/were present during the time of the wreck. 

Motorcycles are smaller and thus, not readily noticeable to other drivers. Even the bright colors of a motorcycle can be less visible in certain driving conditions, such as at night or during inclement weather. Motorcycle accidents that are caused by a lack of visibility place the blame on the motorist who failed to come to a complete stop before colliding with a motorcycle.

Injuries Sustained from Motorcycle Accidents

In most cases of motorcycle accidents, there’s no way for riders to protect themselves from injury besides putting on protective gear like helmets and pads. Despite this, injuries incurred during a California motorcycle accident can be extremely severe and life-altering. How so?

Motorcycle accident injuries have been known to cause paraplegia, quadriplegia, broken bones and severe head injuries. Many of these accident victims often sustain serious bodily damage including lacerations, internal bleeding, burns, spinal cord injuries and broken or fractured limbs from motorcycles crashing into hard objects during a collision. 

Motorcyclists involved in accidents may also suffer closed head injuries with long-term effects such as memory loss/mental deterioration and mood swings. And many have been known to incur vocal cord damage that can leave them unable to speak normally, which is known as dysphonia.

And in the worst of cases, some riders may die from their injuries even if they were wearing protective gear at the time of the crash. These fatalities can occur due to head injuries, although this is rarer than other types of injuries. Sadly, many motorcycle accident deaths are more common when the motorcycle is hit by another car or truck involved in the accident, as opposed to motorcycles colliding with stationary objects like trees or telephone poles.


How Can These Accidents Be Avoided? 

It’s true that owning a motorcycle provides riders with an enjoyable way to travel throughout California but, it comes equipped with its own set of risks that drivers have to consider before starting out on the road. They are known to be less stable than cars because they’re smaller vehicles that offer less protection for riders who get into wrecks. Many of these accidents happen at much higher speeds than the ones that are caused by cars, which is usually the result of motorcycles being more aerodynamic and lightweight. 

Since they have smaller brake pads, this makes it harder for riders to come to a stop quickly if another driver fails to allow them enough time to do so. Motorcycle riders should take extra precautions when on California’s busy roads, especially when riding during the evening hours when visibility is impaired by darkness (which could lead to motorcyclists crashing into other vehicles without warning). 

Motorcycle accident fatalities can be prevented through increased rider education about techniques like counter-steering that increase safety when riding motorcycles and by adding motorcycle safety features like brake lights and turn signals, as well as the implementation of anti-lock brake systems (ABS) in motorcycles like the ones found in cars.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in California 

There are many moving parts when it comes to navigating towards a viable settlement that fairly compensates you and your loved ones fairly for your injuries and damages. Crash victims don’t have to face insurers, their attorneys, or the person who caused the injuries alone after a motorcycle accident.

Don’t leave things to chance. Instead, discuss your options with a licensed motorcycle accident attorney in California to help you navigate the complexities of pursuing damages in your case.

You do not have to face the person who caused your injuries or their insurance companies alone in court. After all, it’s their goal to prove that they weren’t liable for your situation.

The sooner you contact our law firm, the sooner we can begin building a comprehensive personal injury case on your behalf. You do not deserve to take on the financial impacts of someone else’s dangerous driving, and we will fight to ensure that this is not the case. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your free case evaluation and initial consultation today.

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