Bicycle riding is more than just a hobby for many people in California, as bicycles have become a great source of fitness, exercise and, to many, a community. That being said, as cyclists have gone up, so have bicycle accidents.

Los Angeles alone was home to 1,000 bike accidents in 2018, resulting in severe injuries and even deaths. 2022 has seen an even larger amount of bicycle accidents as environment and economic concerns have increased the bicycling population even more. 2022 bicycle accidents have resulted in even more severe injuries, such as head and spinal cord trauma, broken bones and road rash.

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, then you may be entitled to compensation. Greg Kirakosian and the Kirakosian Law firm have helped many people receive compensation for accidents involving cars and pedestrians. Recently, in Los Angeles, the attorneys at Kirakosian Law were able to get one person nearly $1,000,000 in compensation following a personal injury.


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What qualifies as a Bicycle Accident

A bicycle accident is nothing more than an accident involving someone on a bicycle. Often, the accidents we see have to do with bicycles and automotive vehicles. A personal injury lawyer’s case will depend on damages. The physical and emotional toll that comes from being involved in a car accident while riding a bicycle cannot be overstated. If you are in any accident while on a bicycle, for obvious reasons, see a medical professional and then contact Greg Kirakosian at Kirakosian Law who specializes in personal injury.


Why Bicycle Accidents are Common

California sees about 11,000 bicycle riders get injured and about 160 more die across the state for the same reason. The simple truth is that most motorists are not aware of their surroundings and handheld devices have only aggravated the issue. Uber accidents are a real thing and they find themselves often at the other end of a collision with a cyclist.

The general approach to motorist awareness has led to many deaths involving pedestrians and bicycle drivers. The best advice we can give you is to be aware and trust no vehicle near or around you. The second best advice is to contact an attorney if you have been in a car accident while riding your bike.


Fault in a Bicycle Accident in California

Kirakosian Law understands that motorist negligence is a huge factor when it comes to who is at fault when an accident between a motor vehicle and a person on a bicycle occurs. Whatever the other person may say, it is sound advice to go talk to an attorney. There are many factors that can influence who is at fault in California.

The first thing to consider is the law. California has laws, each city has laws and some towns and municipalities may have other laws. These laws are not only there to protect people but they are also great starting points for understanding who is at fault. If a person was speeding past a stop sign, there’s two points to consider when attributing fault to one party or the other; the speed and the stop sign.

Ultimately, we will gladly speak to you to help you understand what is the best course of action you can take when involved in an accident with a motorist while operating a bicycle or any other non-motor transportation method.


Greg Kirakosian Is a Personal Injury Attorney with Experience in Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Even if the driver says they are not at fault and, what’s more, they say they did not violate any laws that led to the accident – our experience with car accidents in general will help us understand the situation better than the average person.

We’ve managed countless cases involving personal injury, car accidents, and more. Our law firm will explore every avenue, consider every legal factor and ensure that you are compensated fairly if compensation is deserved. Remember, you don’t pay if we don’t win.