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There is an active search by LAPD for a hit and run suspect who hit two brothers in Koreatown as they were cycling leaving one dead on Tuesday morning. The incident began after a person jumped on a car he thought was being driven by a grand theft auto suspect. After the person fell of the car, the driver continued towards Olympic westbound and eventually crashed into two cyclists.
The brothers were cycling Koreatown as they were both struck. One died almost immediately and the other is recovering at the hospital following the crash. They were on they were way to work when the accident occurred and their identities have not been released. Captain Anthony Otero of the LAPD said the incident was unfortunate, especially since they were simply commuting to their place of employment.

LAPD is on the lookout for a white Jeep Cherokee truck that was last seen in Koreatown following the car accident. As the police offers a $50,000 reward for any information that can help them in their search for the suspect, investigators and detectives are also making rounds looking for witnesses or footage of the incident from the many cams around the area.

The report also said that previous to the car crash in Koreatown, there was a person putting up graffiti nearby. LAPD is urging anyone with any information whatsoever about the accident to call West Traffic detectives at 213-473-0234.


A few walks back, in March, Mario Ramos Morales was hit by a minivan as he traversed Western Ave. Mr. Morales was driving a E-Scooter, made populator for their Uber like model, when he was struck by the minivan. Following the impact, Mr. Morales was launched from his scooter only to be dragged for many by an unknown person and car. Mr. Morales passed away on the scene after sustaining heavy injuries.

While the first car involved in the crash did stop, the car who then struck and dragged Mario Ramos Morales didn’t offer aid and fled.

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