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Intersection Accidents

Intersections are necessary for people to get around and keep our world connected. However, different people going in different directions create greater chances of collision. When approaching an intersection, road users must be aware of other bikers, pedestrians, or motor vehicles and should pay attention to traffic signals. Intersections can be very busy, with multiple lanes, lines of cars trying to make right or left turns, vehicles merging into parallel lanes, and people trying to cross the street. Intersections can also be dangerous when drivers attempt to make U-turns. When a person has been injured in an intersection accident in Los Angeles, they may be eligible to recover damages under California personal injury law for their financial losses as well as their pain and suffering.

According to Federal Highway Administration (FHA), 25% of all traffic fatalities and 50% of the total number of injury crashes occurred at or near intersections. Intersections are particularly dangerous for turning vehicles and for pedestrians.

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Why do accidents occur at intersections?

A lot happens in an intersection: people turn left, cross over lanes of traffic, or turn right close to sidewalks and bike lanes. Intersection accidents happen for several reasons, including mistakenly assuming other drivers’ actions, obstructed views before turning, misjudgment of another driver’s speed, and inadequate surveillance, such as when a driver is distracted. If a driver disobeys a traffic law or is not paying enough attention to avoid a driving error, then other drivers may not have enough time to react, especially during the busier times of the day.

Who is at fault in an intersection accident?

Usually, the motorist who fails to yield the right of way or violates another traffic law and crashes into another vehicle is at fault for the accident and resultant injuries. The attorneys at Kirakosian Law have extensive experience determining liability for thousands of car accident victims in Los Angeles and winning millions of dollars in settlements on their behalf.

What are some of the most common causes of intersection accidents?

All intersection accidents have one thing in common: they result from a driver not paying attention or taking reasonable care not to harm others on the road. Whether they are speeding, driving under the influence or while impaired by a substance, or driving aggressively, drivers who cause these types of accidents hit innocent victims and can cause life-changing injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), amputations, and even death.

Failing To Stop At A Red Light or Stop Sign

The most common reason for intersection accidents is failing to stop at a red light or a stop sign and entering the direct path of oncoming traffic. This occurs when one driver fails to make a complete stop at an intersection and check for oncoming traffic or a pedestrian crossing. As a result, drivers coming from the perpendicular direction may not have enough time to react to the other car suddenly pulling out in front of them. This can result in dangerous T-bone accidents.

Trying To Make It Through A Yellow Light

Although many drivers speed up when they see a yellow light, they are supposed to slow down and prepare to stop according to the law. That is unless they’re too close to the intersection to safely come to a stop in the time and space they have.

Making an Illegal Right Turn

Turning right at a red light is only permissible at some intersections because these are hazardous turns for some of the most vulnerable road users, particularly pedestrians with children. Turning right on red became acceptable in the 1970s as a gas-saving measure to reduce fuel consumption but has had a detrimental effect on pedestrians because many motorists do not come to a full stop or yield to traffic crossing the street before turning right on red.

How Kirakosian Law Helps

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney helps victims of intersection accidents to recover damages, get the settlement they deserve, or go to trial if needed by building a solid case on their behalf. We start by meeting with you during your free consultation, where we provide you a complimentary case review. Then we:

  • Identify witnesses and conduct depositions
  • Obtain accident reports, medical records, and any other evidence of your damages or injuries
  • Conduct investigations to determine the facts of your case and the circumstances that led to your accident
  • Determine liability and prove the at-fault party’s negligence

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