In a world that values justice and fairness, wrongful arrests remain a pressing concern. Dealing with this without a good wrongful arrest attorney can turn someone’s life upside down, causing emotional distress, reputational damage, and financial strain. Therefore, having the right legal representation becomes very important. This is where the Kirakosian Law Group steps in, they are a beacon of hope for those seeking justice against wrongful arrests.


Understanding Wrongful Arrests

A wrongful arrest occurs when law enforcement officers detain an individual without proper legal justification or probable cause. This unjust arrest can happen due to various reasons, such as mistaken identity, faulty evidence, or procedural errors. Regardless of the reasons, the impact on the individual can be devastating, from loss of employment to damaged relationships and psychological trauma.

Proving a wrongful arrest involves demonstrating that the arresting officers violated the individual’s constitutional rights. These rights include protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, which are stated in the Fourth Amendment, and the right to due process, which is protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Establishing these violations requires legal expertise, thorough investigation, and a comprehensive understanding of criminal law.

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The Role of a Wrongful Arrest Attorney

When faced with a wrongful arrest, having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side can make all the difference. Wrongful arrest attorneys specialize in navigating the complexities of constitutional law, criminal procedure, and civil rights. Their role extends beyond simply proving your innocence; they work to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions and secure compensation for the damages you’ve had to go through after suffering this unfortunate event.


Here are some key responsibilities of a wrongful arrest attorney:

a) A skilled attorney, such as Greg Kirakosian, will conduct a detailed review of the case, examining the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the evidence presented, and any potential violations of your rights. This evaluation forms the foundation for building a strong defense strategy.

b) Kirakosian Law Group understands the significance of evidence in proving a wrongful arrest. They work diligently to gather surveillance footage, witness testimonials, expert opinions, and any other relevant documentation that supports your innocence.

c) Wrongful arrest cases often involve intricate legal principles. Attorneys specializing in this area possess a deep understanding of constitutional law, criminal procedure, and civil rights. They use this expertise to identify legal violations and build a compelling argument on your behalf.

d) Many wrongful arrest cases are settled through negotiations rather than going to trial. A skilled attorney will engage in negotiations with law enforcement agencies, advocating for a fair resolution that includes compensation for damages and a clear acknowledgment of the wrongful arrest.

e) In cases where negotiations are unsuccessful, a wrongful arrest attorney is prepared to take your case to court. They will represent you before a judge and jury, presenting a well-prepared case that highlights the violation of your rights and the injustices you’ve suffered.

f) Being wrongfully arrested can be emotionally and mentally draining. A compassionate attorney not only fights for your rights but also provides the necessary emotional support and guidance throughout the legal process.

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Kirakosian Law Group Is A Champion for Justice

At Kirakosian Law Group, justice is not just a word; it’s a mission. With a strong commitment to protecting the rights of those who have been wrongfully arrested, Greg Kirakosian is dedicated to pursuing justice for his clients. He understands the intricate details of wrongful arrest cases and works tirelessly to ensure his clients’ stories are heard.


The success of Kirakosian Law Group can be attributed to its comprehensive approach to wrongful arrest cases:

a) They have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in wrongful arrest cases. Their experience allows them to anticipate challenges, navigate legal nuances, and craft effective strategies.

b) Recognizing that every case is unique, Greg Kirakosian provides personalized attention to each client. He takes the time to understand the individual’s story, gather relevant details, and tailor his approach accordingly.

c) Wrongful arrest cases often require substantial resources, including expert witnesses, investigative tools, and legal research. Kirakosian Law Group has the necessary resources to build a robust case on your behalf.

d) Greg is not afraid to stand up against law enforcement agencies and powerful entities. His advocacy skills ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

e) And last but most important, the success of any law firm is measured by the results they achieve for their clients. Kirakosian Law Group has secured numerous victories, both in negotiations and in the courtroom, leading to justice being served and wrongfully arrested individuals receiving the compensation they deserve.


Trust A Professional Wrongful Arrest Attorney

Wrongful arrests are a distressing reality that can happen to anyone. When faced with such a situation, having a skilled and dedicated wrongful arrest attorney by your side is essential. The Kirakosian Law Group stands out as a beacon of hope for those seeking justice against wrongful arrests. With their expertise, resources, and unwavering commitment, they navigate the complexities of the legal system to ensure that justice is served and the rights of wrongfully arrested individuals are upheld. In a world that values fairness and equality, Kirakosian Law Group is a testament to the power of legal advocacy in the pursuit of justice. So contact them today if you’re in need of their undivided support.