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How bad are things when blogs make a list for the most dangerous freeways in Los Angeles? Well, LA is home to more than 3.9 million people. Many more people go into the city to work and take advantage of everything it has to offer. Traffic tends to be heavy on LA’s roads. It comes as no surprise that car accidents happen frequently. But, how can an experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles help you or a family member navigate one of the most busy cities on Earth? Here are a few tips that may help you if you have to navigate through Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Car Accidents: The Most Dangerous Highways

Do you have any immediate plans to drive in the Los Angeles region? If that’s the case, it’s critical to be aware that a growing proportion of the community’s people are beginning to leave their pandemic-caused seclusion. More Californians are going back to work, beginning to attend live events again, and simply socializing more frequently.

This implies that more drivers are getting back behind the wheel in a city where walking is not always an option or even preferred. As a result, there has been an increase in traffic fatalities and car accidents. California was the fourth-worst state in the US for accidents, penalties, speeding tickets, and DUIs according to a poll conducted before the outbreak.

You should be aware of the most notorious Los Angeles highways as a careful and safe motorist. By doing so, you can make an effort to avoid certain places during times of heavy traffic and exercise caution when you must pass through them. As car accident attorneys we’re here to help. But we’d prefer if you never have to use us ever. We break down information on some of LA’s most hazardous roadways in the sections below. 

Interstate 5 or the I-5

Everyone knows about the 5pm traffic on the 5 freeway. Running through the heart of downtown and all the way down to Mexico and all the way up beyond L.A. – this freeway is home to many accidents and connects to the deadliest freeways in the city. The “five” is among Los Angeles’ most deadly routes as well, however, according to crash-rate statistics because one fatal crash occurs every mile of road. As usual, it’s a combination of intense traffic, frustrated drivers and careless speeding. Many car accident lawyers in Los Angeles have dealt with many clients who have had accidents on this very freeway. And it’s now wonder, considering how harsh the traffic and drivers can be here.

What Can You Do: If you must travel this road (and it can be difficult to avoid at times), try to be as cautious as you can and stay away from aggressive or speeding cars. If you’re obligated to use it during high-traffic hours, avoid using the extreme lanes unless you need to exit or board the carpool lane. As of 2023, the carpool lane is often as packed as other lanes. Congestion has not seen any remedy and likely will not see any improvement this year.


Route 118

Route 118, a road in Los Angeles that runs from west to east connecting the Antelope Valley to Pasadena along the northern section of the Valley. Route 118 is more hazardous than other routes in the vicinity due to its deteriorated infrastructure and high volume of traffic while also lacking funding to improve hazards or speed up planned construction projects. It’s known for sudden congestion, high spikes and long points of exits requiring you to pay close attention or lose a lot of time waiting for the next exit.

What Can You Do: Prepare for a lot of traffic if you take this route in the morning or the afternoon. Avoiding unpredictable or speeding drivers will help you drive safely. You should also maintain your composure when dealing with traffic jams, accidents, and fender benders that are a part of driving on Route 118 every day. The carpool lane is especially dangerous as people come in and out regardless of the right to do so. Sudden stops means you need to pay extra attention. Traffic can build up suddenly, especially closer to Sylmar, and accidents can happen in an instant. Lots of police monitor the carpool lanes and speeding before the known jam sections. Be aware!


405 Freeway

Another notorious or famous (depends on how you see it) roadway. This highway runs all across the valley right into LAX and beyond. It can take you to the beach, the airport, from Calabasas to Studio City and connects to every major freeway in the city. No wonder that most car accidents in Los Angeles happen here or on the 5. Known for its intense congestion, long lasting traffic and various construction projects that seem to never finish (or have new ones appear every year), the 405 is a tough cookie that won’t crumble in the face of anxious drivers trying to get home or get to work.

What Can You Do: Not much if you live in the western valley. Not much if you need to get to the airport from the valley in general. A bit if you live in Central or East L.A. as traffic on the freeway is sometimes as bad as traffic on the streets – stop lights included. If you can’t avoid it, take advantage of long carpool lanes (that are more and more congested every year), take street detours in key sections (your map app will often recommend such strategies), and be sure to take it easy when in a rush. Car accidents happen in a flash. Do not trust the other driver. Ever. You can’t control them but you can control your vehicle.

If you live in LA or frequently travel on any of these Los Angeles roads as part of your profession, be as cautious as you can. You might be able to prevent an accident by exercising good judgment and adhering to the posted speed restrictions. Even the safest and most careful drivers, meanwhile, may yet be at fault in a collision. Because of this, you should always have a Los Angeles car accident at hand. But, how can a lawyer help you?


The 110 Harbor Freeway

What can go wrong with having half a dozen major highways unite in the center one of the world’s busiest cities? A lot. The most dangerous highway in Los Angeles, by a fair margin, is the 110 Harbor Freeway. Connecting the far north-east valley to Long Beach, the harbor freeway is known for more than just traffic. It’s also known for some of the deadliest car accidents in California. In its nearly 100 year run, its grown and connected to more expressways, highways, freeways and streets (through connections) than any other highway. 2021 saw a 30 percent increase over 2020 in deadly car crashes making it the worst year in decades. A lot of those unfortunate scenarios happened on or near the 110.

What Can You DoThere are a lot of options to avoiding the 110 Harbor FWY during rush hour. Street options help you skip it altogether and jump onto the many freeways it connects to. Be aware of the high volume of one-way streets when navigating through Downtown and keep an eye out of cars parked to the side due to collisions or breakdowns. The entry onto the 5 is especially dangerous as its a small lane that veers off into a tunnel suddenly and makes for a common spots for road rage and car crashes.

Most Dangerous Freeway in Los Angeles 110 Harbor

Car Accident Lawyers: They’re There For You

After a car accident, especially in Los Angeles, knowing how to move forward with your case can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our law firm has years of experience and a team of dedicated Los Angeles car accident attorneys who know what it takes to get our clients the money they deserve. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact our firm as soon as possible to get the support that you deserve. 

Car accident cases are complex, especially for the victim of the car wreck who is expected to seek medical care, focus on recovering from their car accident injuries, work with the insurance company, and manage their work-related needs all at once. This is why it is so important to work with a personal injury attorney who can handle your Los Angeles car accident case while you prioritize your needs.


The claims process after car accidents can be as overwhelming as the car accident itself in some cases, but Los Angeles, CA car accident lawyers can make this process much easier — and more successful in terms of getting the money you deserve. It is easy enough to reach out to the other driver’s insurance company to start a claim after a motor vehicle accident, but from the moment the insurer initiates a claim, they will be looking for EVERY possible way to limit your final settlement.

Insurance firms handle many thousands of claims for car accidents every year, each with the goal of settling the claim for as little as possible, as quickly as possible. Your case will be no different, but when a car accident attorney is acting as your representative from day one, the insurer will not be able to leverage the uncertainty and anxiety that victims deal with after car accidents to reach a quick settlement.

Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles


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