Los Angeles Civil Rights Lawyer

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer In the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, securing reliable legal representation for civil rights and personal injury matters is paramount. Here’s why Kirakosian Law stands out as your go-to advocate in the City of Angels. Rising Concerns in Los Angeles: Real Statistics You Should Know Los Angeles, as a densely […]

Understanding California Search and Seizure Laws

California Search and Seizure Laws

It is the duty of law enforcement officers to look for evidence of criminal activity, seize that evidence for analysis, and use it as evidence in court. We call this procedure “search and seizure.” This is why both the California Constitution’s Article I, Section 13 and the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution forbid […]

Know Your Rights: Wrongful Arrest vs. Unlawful Arrest Explained

wrongful arrest vs unlawful arrest

Getting to truly understand the legal system can be daunting, especially when it comes to arrests and learning the differences between different types. Today we’ll talk about two types of arrests: wrongful arrest vs. unlawful arrests.  Although these terms can seem confusing, we’ll be breaking down the differences in this blog post. Learn how to […]

Exploring the Link Between Personal Injury and Emotional Distress

personal-injury lawyer-emotional-distress

The relationship between physical harm and psychological suffering is an important consideration in the field of personal injury law. Think about a person who was hurt in an automobile accident. In addition to the physical discomfort, they may also feel intense emotional repercussions that affect their everyday lives and general well-being. Understanding this relationship is […]

Wrongfully Accused? Exploring the Legality of Your Arrest

was my arrest wrongful?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were wrongfully accused of a crime? Being arrested for something you didn’t do can be a terrifying and life-altering experience. However, it’s important to understand your rights and the legality of the arrest to ensure that justice is served.  In this blog post, we will […]

Your Guide to Car Accident Laws in California


If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident in California, you are aware of how crucial it is to understand the relevant regulations. And it’s crucial to know what to do in the event of a car collision in Los Angeles, where there are over 7.8 million cars commuting daily between homes and places […]

Unpacking Police Brutality: What It Is and Why It Matters

definition of police brutality

It seems like after 2020, the world went mad and news about police brutality became so popular, we’d see one almost every single day. The truth is that police brutality is a serious issue that affects communities worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what police brutality entails and why it’s a critical topic […]

Unlawfully Arrested? Here’s How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your Case

finding the right unlawful arrest lawyer

If you’ve ever been unlawfully arrested, we understand the pain and confusion that you must’ve felt. Afterall, being arrested with no reason why can result in many unanswered questions of why that happened to you and if you’ll ever have that off your record.   This is why choosing the right lawyer is crucial. In this […]

Exploring Compensation: How Much Can You Sue for Malicious Prosecution?

How much can you sue for malicious prosecution

Malicious prosecution occurs when someone initiates a legal proceeding without probable cause and with malice towards the defendant. It’s a serious offense that can wreak havoc on an individual’s life, reputation, and finances. If you’ve been a victim of malicious prosecution, you may wonder about your legal options for seeking compensation.  In this guide, we’ll […]

Excessive Force: Definition and Implications

excessive force definition

Excessive force is a term that has gained significant attention in recent years, especially in discussions surrounding law enforcement practices. But what exactly does excessive force mean?  In this blog, we will delve into the definition of excessive force and explore its implications in various contexts. Understanding excessive force is crucial for safeguarding individual rights […]