Greg Kirakosian of Kirakosian Law settled for $5,00,000 in a burn injury settlement. Representing an employee that was refueling a gas tanker that suddenly and unexpectedly exploded causing catastrophic burns on the Plaintiff’s body. After filing a lawsuit against the 3rd party, we discovered the Defendant had failed to properly maintain their tanker and had failed to have it serviced for nearly 14 years. As a result of that negligence, the tanker was defective, leaking, and caught fire. After the discovery of this evidence, we argued the Defendant was negligent as a matter of law and the matter settled for $5,000,000.00

Burn injury settlements are not as rare as you think. They can happen anywhere and across many industries. A good lawyer fights for more than your injury and its costs. A personal injury attorney knows that the depth of the damage, stress, and pain a catastrophic personal injury event can cause in a person.

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