If you have been sexually harassed at work, it can be tough to know how to proceed. Though each situation is unique, adhering to the following advice is usually the best way to resolve the situation:

Document Evidence of the Harassment

Before making any reports or complaints, it is vital you gather as much evidence as possible. This evidence will help to make sure your harasser doesn’t have the ability to delete, destroy, or otherwise dispose of any proof before you can state your case.

As a general rule, you will want to compile a collection of text messages, emails, and chat messages, that include instances of harassment. Once you have gathered your information,  keep it in a safe place – ideally at home. 

Report the Harassment to Your Employer

After you put together all of your proof and evidence that you were sexually harassed, your next step must be to report the harassment to your employer. Your employee handbook or manual will outline who you should speak to. However, it will almost always be your human resources representative, direct supervisor, or department manager. If one of these people is your harasser, don’t be afraid to go above their heads with the complaint.

Once the report has been filed, you will be legally required to give your employer some time to remedy the situation. There are no laws that say the employer must fire the harasser. They must only make the harassment stop. As such, you shouldn’t be shocked to find your harasser is moved to a different department or branch of the company rather than being let go.

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Hire an Attorney who has experience with sexual harassment cases

If your company chooses not to act on your complaint that you were sexually harassed or their actions are insufficient, you will need to consult with an attorney about your next steps. Your lawyer will be able to help you communicate your concerns to your employer, write letters on your behalf, and even go to court if necessary. Whatever action is required, your lawyer will take it.

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