Intersections are necessary for people to get around and keep our world connected. However, different people going in different directions creates greater chances of collision. When approaching an intersection, road users must be aware of other bikers, pedestrians, or motor vehicles and should pay attention to traffic signals. Intersections can be very busy, with multiple lanes, lines of cars trying to make right or left turns, vehicles merging into parallel lanes, and people trying to cross the street. Intersections can also be dangerous when drivers attempt to make U-turns. When a person has been injured in an intersection accident in Los Angeles, they may be eligible to recover damages under California personal injury law for their financial losses as well as their pain and suffering.

According to Federal Highway Administration (FHA), 25% of all traffic fatalities and 50% of the total number of injury crashes occurred at or near intersections. Intersections are particularly dangerous for turning vehicles and for pedestrians.

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