After a Los Angeles car accident, knowing how to move forward with your case can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our law firm has years of experience and a team of dedicated Los Angeles car accident attorneys who know what it takes to get our clients the money they deserve. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact our firm as soon as possible to get the support that you deserve.

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We offer a free initial consultation for people who have been injured in a car accident that someone else caused. During our initial consultation, we will be able to go over the important details of your case, including the nature of your car accident injuries, how the vehicle accident was caused, the steps you have already taken, and more.

Car accident cases are complex, especially for the victim of the car wreck who is expected to seek medical care, focus on recovering from their car accident injuries, work with the insurance company, and manage their work-related needs all at once. This is why it is so important to work with a personal injury attorney who can handle your Los Angeles car accident case while you prioritize your needs.

What To Do After Motor Vehicle Accidents

The following steps are important guidelines to keep in mind if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. However, it is equally important to remember that your health and safety are the absolute most important things to focus on, and if you are unable to complete any of these other steps, your Los Angeles car accident lawyers will still be able to build a strong case on your behalf.

Take a Moment To Collect Your Thoughts and Check For Injuries

Nobody expects to be involved in an auto accident, and the moments after a crash can be filled with panic and adrenaline. Adrenaline can mask the pain of your injuries, and this can lead to people making incorrect (and counterproductive) statements at the scene about how they do not have any serious injuries.

Even if you think that you are not injured, DO NOT state this to anyone at the scene. Any statements (or apologies) that you make at the scene of vehicle accidents can come back during the investigation of your claim as the insurance company tries to find every way possible to limit your final settlement. Stay calm and focus on your health above all.

Prioritize Your Safety

Assess the situation, like whether or not your vehicle is at risk of being struck again or if you can safely exit the vehicle to get to a median strip, breakdown lane, sidewalk, or somewhere else out of oncoming traffic. If, however, it is safer to remain in the vehicle, then do that. You will need to call 911 to alert the proper authorities to the auto accident, and will need to do what is necessary to avoid any additional injuries.

Use your discretion when deciding what to do after an accident, and focus on your safety above all else.

Call the Police

Call 911 BEFORE exiting your vehicle if possible. Once you start talking to the other driver, they may try to convince you not to call, and some may even offer you cash on the spot. It is always in your best interest to have a Los Angeles police officer at the scene in order to create an accident report, and even more important, to have your injuries examined by EMTs. If you were involved in a hit and run, it is exceptionally important that you call as soon as possible and provide any relevant details that can assist the Los Angeles police in locating the other vehicle and at-fault driver.

When talking to the 911 dispatcher, let them know the location of your accident in Los Angeles, any injuries you are aware of, and anything else that will be important to relay to the police, firefighters, and EMTs arriving at the scene. Many people try to rush through a 911 call, thinking that the dispatcher will not alert the authorities until after getting off the call, but they are doing so while you are talking to them.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Information

Once you have called 911, you can exchange your information with the other driver without having an uncomfortable conversation about whether or not to alert the authorities. At this point, you will need to exchange your relevant insurance information, such as the provider, policy number, and agent. In addition, you will want to take down their driver’s license information, address, and phone number.

If you have been involved in a hit and run, try to record any relevant details immediately, so you do not need to worry about remembering it through the rest of this stressful time. Vehicle model, make, and color, any parts of their license plate you recall, and any other important identifying factors will all be helpful for Los Angeles police to track down the at-fault driver.

Document The Scene of the Car Crash

Gather photo and video evidence of the scene of the accident to help your Los Angeles car accident lawyer get a clearer understanding of what happened. While you are taking a video, it can be very helpful to narrate over the video and call out as many specific details as you are able to recall. No matter how vivid the experience may seem at the moment, you will find that your memory fades quickly, and you will soon begin to question facts or recollections that seemed immutable at the time.

In addition to ensuring that you do not need to rely on your memory, pictures and video will also ensure that you do not need to try and explain every minor detail, whether or not you recall them. Pictures and videos are very helpful for Los Angeles car accident attorneys as they try to develop a clear understanding of what happened to their clients during the car accident.

Get Medical Treatment

While the previous steps are certainly helpful if you can take them, your medical treatment is, again, the absolute most important aspect of your car crash. When the EMTs arrive, they will be able to examine you and provide emergency care for any injury. If they determine that you have an injury that requires immediate care, they will suggest you take an ambulance to an emergency room. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury and are unconscious, they will make this decision for you.

Many people deny on-scene care for fear of exorbitant medical costs but remember that you will be partnering with a personal injury attorney who will fight to recover these costs and more from the other driver’s insurance company after the crash. You deserve comprehensive care.

Follow Up With Your Doctor Immediately

Whether or not you take an ambulance to the hospital, contact your primary care physician immediately. This is especially important if you leave the scene of the car accident on your own, for a number of reasons. Primarily, you need care to maximize your recovery, but secondly, your doctor will be able to generate important documentation about your injuries.

Insurers work to deny damages for any injuries that victims are not able to provide clear proof for after Los Angeles car accidents, so any professional treatment you seek will also support your claims for things like the pain and suffering you have endured, as well as the impacts that each injury has had on your life.

Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles

The claims process after car accidents can be as overwhelming as the car accident itself in some cases, but Los Angeles, CA car accident lawyers can make this process much easier — and more successful in terms of getting the money you deserve. It is easy enough to reach out to the other driver’s insurance company to start a claim after a motor vehicle accident, but from the moment the insurer initiates a claim, they will be looking for EVERY possible way to limit your final settlement.

Insurance firms handle many thousands of claims for car accidents every year, each with the goal of settling the claim for as little as possible, as quickly as possible. Your case will be no different, but when a car accident attorney is acting as your representative from day one, the insurer will not be able to leverage the uncertainty and anxiety that victims deal with after car accidents to reach a quick settlement.

Calculating Damages For Los Angeles Car Accidents

One of the most important services that a car accident lawyer provides involves calculating the damages that a client has suffered following a crash. Insurance companies try to focus on the most obvious things like property damage, medical bills, and short-term lost wages, but these are a gross simplification of the full range of damages you are rightfully owed. Personal injury law is very complicated for anyone who is not an experienced accident lawyer or personal injury professional, and the claims process is designed to take advantage of this fact.

Personal injury victims are entitled to compensatory damages after accidents, which are subdivided into two distinct types: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are all damages that have set dollar values. These include things like your medical bills, property damage costs, lost wages, and much more. Many victims overlook many of the minor economic damages, thinking that it might be too much work to include them, but an experienced and aggressive lawyer will pay close attention to all of these details to make sure that you are not taking on any of the costs of your crash.

From the day you begin working with your lawyer, they will start cataloging each cost, loss, or expense related to your accident, including any services you may need to pay for to perform chores you would have otherwise done yourself if not for your injuries. This can include things like driving, grocery shopping, cleaning, or cooking, to name a few.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are the impacts of an accident that do not have costs or values. These include things like the pain and suffering of your injuries, the trauma that victims experience during accidents, and more. Insurers take advantage of the fact that victims do not have a clear understanding of how to calculate these types of damages and are quick to dismiss them if they are not working directly with a lawyer.

You are entitled to these damages under California tort law, and working with an accident lawyer is the best way to make sure you have a fair chance at getting the money you are rightfully entitled to.

Attorneys have a number of different calculation methods at their disposal depending on the type of accident and the nature of your non-economic damages, but rest assured that the team at Kirakosian Law APC will use the method that will help us work towards the most amount of money for these important impacts.

Why You Should Work with Kirakosian Law APC

The following are just a few of the many benefits of working with our Los Angeles law firm after being hurt in a vehicle accident. We understand what car accident victims are going through in the aftermath of such a traumatic and painful experience, and we are proud to provide valuable support in a number of ways.

Pay Nothing Out of Pocket

We do not require an upfront retainer for victims of car accidents who need experienced representation and instead work with a contingency fee. Many people worry that they are unable to afford a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, but this could not be further from the truth: we will take a predetermined percentage of the final award as payment, and if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Results-Oriented Focus

We have recovered more than $35 million in settlements and trial awards. No two accident cases are alike, but we will be happy to go through examples of past car crashes we have represented to give you a better idea of how our Los Angeles car accident lawyers can help victims move forward from serious accidents.

Don’t Accept a Subpar Settlement Offer

Fight back and make sure that your voice is heard by enlisting the help of an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney at Kirakosian Law APC. Insurance companies leverage the fact that accident victims are likely overwhelmed by their injuries, their mounting medical bills, and their uncertainty about what the future holds.

This is a great way to convince someone to accept a low settlement, but we will be sure to help you understand your real options and work towards a fair payment.

Avoid Dealing With the Insurance Companies

You don’t have to field countless telephone calls or sign any complex forms. The Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Kirakosian Law APC genuinely care about our clients and take it personally when we see insurers unfairly prey upon them. Contact our office today for a case evaluation and learn more about your options.

A significant benefit of hiring a personal injury law firm is that they become the legal representative of your case. This assertion means that you can direct any questions from your insurance company toward your attorney.

Focus On Your Needs First

The events following a car accident typically involve dealing with insurance companies. It’s their primary goal to offer you an insurance settlement amount that mitigates their losses. How does this type of practice focus on your health and well-being? Simply put, it does not, and they know you are in a vulnerable position as you work through your injuries, your pain and suffering, and the anxiety that car accidents cause.

Work with a Legal Team that Cares

There are many moving parts when it comes to navigating towards a viable settlement that fairly compensates you and your loved ones fairly for your injuries and damages. Crash victims don’t have to face insurers, their attorneys, or the person who caused the injuries alone after a car crash.

Don’t leave things to chance. Instead, discuss your options with a licensed California personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the complexities of pursuing damages in your case.

You do not have to face the person who caused your injuries or their insurance companies alone in court. After all, it’s their goal to prove that they weren’t liable for your situation.

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