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San Rafael Car Accident Involving Cliff and 2 Injured Passengers

A car accident in San Rafael within Marin county has left two injured as a car veered off the road and tumbled down a cliff. Tuesday at 5:15pm a car with at least 3 passengers went off the cliff along North San Pedro Road near China Camp State Park. Following the accident, it seems as if the driver may have fled as he was nowhere to be found on the scene. Besides the two passengers, one of which was seriously injured, a third person also suffered significant injury. After noticing the car accident, a passerby attempted to provide assistance [...]

San Bernardino Truck Accident Involving Pedestrian

An unfortunate truck accident that left a pedestrian dead after being struck by a semi trailer shut down all traffic on the northbound side of the 215. The truck accident happened close to the 5th street exit on Wednesday in the city of San Bernardino. The shutdown meant heavy delays as a detour was set up forcing traffic off towards 5th street. Although the identity of the deceased has been withheld in order to notify family, what CHP knows or has offered is limited. Around 4 a.m. a pedestrian walked into traffic and caused the truck accident involving the [...]

Maya Rudolph in Los Angeles Car Accident

SNL star Maya Rudolph was visibly upset after smashing her Tesla into a tree in Los Angeles recently. Pop Culture claims that the TV and Movie actress was on the scene of the accident looking deeply impacted by the car crash. It's uncertain whether Rudolph was the cause of the accident, or if she was employing the vehicle's infamous autopilot feature at the time. However, paparazzi photographs taken at the scene show Rudolph in what seemed like a state of shock. Despite it appearing to be a minor accident, we very well know that even minor accidents end up [...]

In Cerritos, a six-vehicle accident involving a FedEx truck resulted in one fatality and two injuries.

A FedEx truck hit and killed one person, while at least two others were injured Wednesday in a six-vehicle collision in Cerritos, authorities and eyewitnesses said. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Cerritos station said the multicar accident was reported at 9:08 a.m. on Bloomfield Avenue and South Street. According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, one person died at the scene and another was taken to the hospital with injuries. At least two individuals were injured in the accident, according to Fire Department spokesperson Geovanni Sanchez. According to FedEx driver Cesar Alarcon, he was stopped at a [...]

Tuesday night hit and run bicycle car accident leaves two cyclists dead in Chatsworth

On Tuesday night, two bicyclists were killed by a hit-and-run driver in Chatsworth. It occurred at 7:15 p.m. at the junction of Plummer Street and Lurline Avenue. A male and a woman were killed when they were hit by a red Toyota truck in the area of Chatsworth, according to authorities with the Los Angeles Police Department. The bicyclists died at the scene. The victims are believed to be transients, according to authorities. According to witnesses, the pair was hurling bottles and other debris into the street prior to the collision. The suspect fled but careened into a wall [...]

Solo Car Crash Christmas Morning in Sacramento

A vehicle slammed into a tree on Winding Way near Minnesota Avenue in California early Christmas morning, injuring one person and killing another. The single car collision happened around 2 a.m. The vehicle was crushed against a tree just off the road, according to photographs of the accident. One person died in the collision, which required a "major extrication" according to Metro Fire. No other information is available at the time of this blog regarding the car accident. Metro Fire Tweeted, "Metro Fire responded to a solo vehicle accident requiring major extrication. 1 person was pronounced deceased, another was [...]

2 Year Old Left Orphaned After Car Accident

Hundreds of people in California are coming together to support a 2-year-old Mariposa boy who was recently orphaned after two events. Thousands of dollars have been raised for the child's future as a result of the rally. Drew Trujillo, better known as "Baby Drew," survived Sunday's tragic vehicle accident that claimed his father's life. However, the boy's tragic tale began much earlier. His expecting mother committed suicide in September 2020 after a long illness related to postpartum depression according to family members. On Tuesday, news of the youngster's tragic fate sparked a flood of goodwill and support throughout California. [...]

Wilmington Car Accident Victim Identified as Saul Zuniga

Authorities have provided more information regarding the car accident from past Friday. Saul Zuniga, the man who died in a Friday's collision in Wilmington involving a speeding pickup truck, was from Los Angeles County and 44 years old. The Coroner's Office of Los Angeles County did not provide any information about the victim's city of residence. Car Accident Details Zuniga was driving his vehicle west on Harry Bridges Boulevard at around 7:20 p.m., according to the LAPD, when a pickup truck driver slammed into his car going in the opposite direction. The crash occurred as the pickup truck was [...]

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