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The safety concerns connected to stretch limos

There are many for-hire vehicle options here in the Los Angeles area. One such option that people sometimes chose in connection to parties, celebrations or other special events is a stretch limo. However, there are some safety concerns that come up in relation to such vehicles.

Accidents involving such limos can have devastating results. This is underscored by a tragedy that recently got a lot of coverage nationally. This was a stretch limo crash in New York that led to 20 deaths.

Why do stretch limos raise special safety concerns in comparison to regular vehicles? A lot of these concerns come from the way these vehicles come about. Generally, such limos are made by taking a preexisting vehicle, such as a car or a van, and making modifications to it to extend its size and provide for more passenger seating. Most of the time, these modifications aren’t made by the manufacturer of the original vehicle, but are instead made by other companies.

Among the safety concerns such modifications can raise include:

  • Vehicle control concerns: Making a vehicle larger can make it more difficult to control. It could also compromise the ability of certain technologies, such as electronic stability control, to help drivers with maintaining control.
  • Structural safety questions: Modifying a vehicle’s structure can change many things, including its overall integrity and how well it holds up in certain types of crashes. When motor vehicles are initially made, they generally go through a lot of different testing to ensure their overall structure is safe. There are concerns that not as much focus is put on structural safety when it comes to modifying vehicles to turn them into stretch limos.

Also, stretch limos tend not to be subject to the same regulatory scrutiny present for other vehicles. There are a variety of strict federal vehicle safety rules for the initial manufacturing of motor vehicles. However, these standards do not extend to the post-sale modification of vehicles. States, meanwhile, vary in what regulations they have related to stretch limos.

What would you like to see happen in the future when it comes to the regulation of stretch limos?

Just as stretch limos can raise unique safety issues, accidents involving such vehicles can raise special legal issues. This includes unique issues for victims when it comes to compensation. When navigating such issues, victims of limo accidents may want a skilled personal injury lawyer’s help.

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