Car accident cases are now a common occurrence in Los Angeles. According to the Judicial Council of California, in the fiscal year 2018-19, 17,674 motor vehicle injury cases were filed in Los Angeles alone. The state of California observed 40,748 filed motor cases in total.   

The huge tally of such cases being filed indicates the growing sense among the citizens to pursue car accident cases in the light of the law. However, since the statutory law in Los Angeles allows the victims of car accidents to appoint car accident attorneys to litigate on their behalf, there has been an upsurge in the number of law firms.       

The growth in the number of law firms, while is a promising sight, it makes the decision-making process for the victim exceedingly difficult.

The process of finalizing your attorney is indeed tedious. However, to help you out in this regard, we’ve listed down ten key elements that, if consulted, can help you select the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles for your car accident case. 

10 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Past Experience 

Experience makes a significant difference when it comes to building a solid case. Therefore, asking about the overall experience and success rate of a car accident attorney is critical. 

The more experienced a lawyer is, the higher will be your chances to win.

The know-how and aptitude of an experienced personal injury attorney cannot be compared with that of a novice; thus, look for an attorney who knows the drills on how to contest a case and handle unwanted situations that can arise anytime during the legal proceedings. 

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Other Ways to Resolve the Issue

There are several ways to resolve legal disputes. Arbitration and out-of-court arrangements are two of the many. These methods are deemed less expensive and less time-consuming, and a good lawyer must be familiar with these options. 

Thus, asking about these options will help you comprehend the lawyer’s insight and experience, along with the ensuing complications associated with these options. 

Who Will Represent the Plaintiff?

This is one of the most critical questions you need to ask your lawyer. In most cases, the assigned lawyer doesn’t appear in the court but asks his subordinates to handle the case proceedings. 

Whether you’re comfortable with this or not, that’s another debate, but it is cardinal for the victim to know who he will be represented by in the court of law, making it crucial for you to ask beforehand. 

You may even ask to take a substantial discount on your case if you get to know that a subordinate will be representing your case.

Licensure & Board-Certification 

The legal system has also started emulating the board-certification process, as in the medical profession, for the last couple of years. The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is a national organization with a process for civil trial attorneys to attain board certification. To claim board certification from the NBTA, a lawyer must have in-depth courtroom experience and must pass the examination.

It is paramount to hire a car accident attorney who is licensed to practice law in Los Angeles. Apart from the authenticity, licensed lawyers have a profound insight into the state laws regarding personal injury cases. Moreover, they are adept with the intricacies involved in legal lawsuits as they carry out such disputes day in and day out. 

Thus, when selecting the attorney for your case, ask for a show of license and board certification. 


A well-versed and experienced lawyer dedicated to representing injury victims is encouraged to be a member of state and national organizations. These organizations sponsor several legal publications and legal education programs; moreover, they conduct lobbying activities for the rights of consumers. 

Therefore, confirm the membership or association of the car accident attorney you’re planning to hire. Attorneys associated with the state and national organizations tend to be more effective and efficient when dealing with legal disputes. 

Review Online Reviews

According to invespcro, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

In today’s fast-paced digitalized era, everyone shares their experiences online. You may find the past clients’ reviews regarding car accident attorneys or law firms in Los Angeles. 

Going through their feedback will make it much easier for you to decide whether to go with a specific lawyer or not. 

Final Words

Choosing the best car accident attorney from a myriad of options can be a daunting undertaking. However, with the abovementioned pointers, you can easily gauge whether or not the attorney you are opting to hire is the right professional to represent your case in the court of law. 

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The rule of law is a broad field, and different attorneys specialize in different areas. Therefore, you need to make sure about hiring a lawyer who is proficient and experienced in the type of legal problems that you’re dealing with. Asking the attorney the right questions can make the matter a whole lot simpler for you.  

For instance, the best approach to deal with a car accident in Los Angeles lies in hiring a seasoned car accident attorney rather than going for someone who doesn’t specialize in the respective domain. 

Worth of Your Case

While looking for and interviewing a car accident attorney, put forward a question regarding the actual worth of your case. It will help you know the value of your case, along with the lawyer’s proficiency to see things from different standpoints.

Most of the time, car accident cases in Los Angeles don’t pan out to be as simple as they seem. An experienced lawyer, based on his knowledge, can point out the intricacies involved in an accident and highlight critical areas that can add to the value of your case’s settlement

Negotiation Skills

While pursuing a car accident attorney, the negotiation skills of a lawyer must not be overlooked, for it’s considered the most crucial skill for an attorney. 

Good communication and negotiation skills are amongst the best faculties any lawyer can have!

Besides having skills like writing, drafting documents, setting out logical arguments, proficiency in negotiation is one of the tools that ensure that your car accident attorney has the potential to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Payment Mode

One of the most cardinal elements to inquire about before hiring a car accident attorney in Los Angeles is the legal fee. Some lawyers charge upfront, while others charge in bits and pieces. However, under the contingency agreement, your lawyer won’t charge a single penny till you receive compensation. They charge a certain percentage of the total amount recovered from the liable party, and this percentage is negotiable. 

You may explore all the available options and opt for the one which seems most appropriate and convenient.